Deadstock designer blue 1980’s gown by Alyce Designs

Combining 1980’s  love for asymmetry and royal blue, this deadstock gown by Alyce Designs is in a timeless empire cut with a sheer, diaphanous overlay of what could be called “raining roses”.   The flower motif adds tons of visual interest and glitz for the gown’s intended purpose as formalwear.  As with many of the “true” hues, royal blue looks good with several skin tones and hair colors.    Most of all, this is a unique piece and has never been owned before!  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s pink, white, yellow print dress

A big part of keeping cool in the summer is to wear light colors so as not to absorb the heat.  We all know that.  But many people love these “ice cream pastels”, more vivid than timid Easter colors, in the warm months of the year.  After about 1967, it became very popular to wear these colors, but really:  Does pink ever go out of style, if you’re a person who loves pink?  In every decade, you see them mixing pink with at least one color and the combination, in our opinion, is almost always beautiful.  And so it is with this dress.   Look at it!  If you like pink and yellow, this may be right up your alley.  Not one but two shades of pink next to a goldish yellow, adding lots of visual interest to a very simple and classic cut of dress.  Click here for more views and sizing information.

Top 5 Tuesdays: Party Time Excellent!

Yes, yes, my dears, it is without a doubt that time of year again. It’s chilly out, you have a sudden craving for hot cocoa or hot toddies, and you can’t go to the store without them hocking Christmas wares in your face. That’s right: it’s party time. Christmas shopping, party planning, it all eludes me. Except, that is, when it comes to finding the perfect party ensemble. Not to toot my own horn, but when it somes to getting dressed for a fiesta, normally I find my dream outfit first, then help one or all of my friends find theirs. This year, I’d be happy to help you out too. It is with this in mind that I give you this week’s Top 5 Tuesday: My Favorite Monster Vintage Party Dresses.

(click image to enlarge and for item number!)

Give your little black dress a break this holiday season and go for a seasonless white dress, like this 1960’s number. It’s lighweight (and perfect for layering over some tights and under your favorite winter coat) and has lovely beading, perfect for a all night affair.
The second dress is so simple, yet far from boring. Very 1940’s. Very versatile and can be classed up for a family party with tights and flats or worn barelegged and bling-ed out for a cocktail event. And that bow is just the sweetest thing!
For those of you all too happy to banish basic black and stand out at a party, the third dress, from the 50’s is perfect for you. More versatile than you might think, it would look perfect with a neutral cardigan and some boots for a more understated look.
The fourth dress is even more gorgeous in person, shiny yet flattering, and a breathtaking shade of winter blue. The little tiny bow at the neckline has pretty rhinestone details, making this dress perfect for any evening event. Very film noir vixen!
The last dress is subtle yet stunning, definitely an overachiever. It has tiny gold leaves printed all over. Definitely special enough to stand alone without too much effort… Love the 40’s silhouette!

So what have we learned today, sweeties? First off, I obviously have a soft spot for 1940’s dresses…
But more importantly, if you are trying to get more mileage out of your party dresses this winter, go for versatility. With tights, without. Layered with a lovely cardigan or even a tuxedo jacket. Heels, flats, jewelry, different purses. All that good stuff. And if you don’t already have these items in your closet… well we have bigger problems. But you should be able to find a dress or two that already goes with things you own. Don’t go broke this holiday season!*
There are so many choices, I had a tough time choosing just five. You can shop Monster Vintage dresses here, or here if you’re feeling really fancy.

Sally “Party Over Here” Mulligan

*Unless you’re buying me that pony I always wanted…

Rare Finds, Part 2

As anyone who collects rare vintage clothing or other items knows, quality items at a fair price are hard to come by. When collecting vintage clothing or antiques, the condition of the item is very important. Today we want to show you a very rare piece that we have for sale here at Monster Vintage.
Item # 16282

(click on picture for item number)

This stunner is from the 1940’s, with tiers of gorgeous fringe top to bottom, with sequined straps and trim. Truly a rare find, in excellent condition, and great for a night out on the town. Could you not see this dress on a fashionable starlet strutting the red carpet?
Do you have any lovely vintage items in your closet? We would love to see! Send us your pictures and shop for rare vintage here!

Sally “Wannabe Flapper” Mulligan


By: Emerald Lavender has a wide array of vintage clothing and accesories that appeal to a myriad of styles and personalities. Here are a few of my favorite dresses!

1970’s Mint Julep Gown

1970's mint julep

Firstly, the color of this gown is phenomenal. Reminds me of Girl Scout Thin Mints. This grown screams elegance and class. The cut of the dress is flattering to a variety of figures with its low empire waist and diamond cut capped sleeves.

1950’s Saks Fifth Avenue Dress

1950's saks

This dress is simply gorgeous. I channel Audrey Hepburn when I look at this dress with those huge fluttering eyelashes. Chocolate covered with embroidered flowers, this dress is sophistication personified.

Late 1940’s Cocktail Froc Dress

1940's Cocktail Frock

This 1940’s Cocktail dress is so cute! Actually, I wouldn’t mind owning this dress. Sequin Appliqué flowers and asymmetrical waistline set it apart from the lot. It’s in Mint Condition! I would urge you to purchase it, but I have got my eye on it! Better get it before I do!