Modern Day Date Digs

With the zing of bitterness passing after wasting two years in a dead relationship I decided I was ready to hit the dating world again. Hello world- I’m 26, single, stylish and ready to snag me Mr. Right… or something like that. So ok, it’s not as easy as it seems. First I found myself skipping the idea of a traditional dinner date, and going for more of a ‘meeting’ at a dive bar (seems way less intimidating). However this shifts the dynamic of ‘dressing up’ for a date. Really, do I want to go out of my way and get dolled up for a casual meeting at dive bar? Not really. Something about old men telling war stories in a dimly lit cheap drink atmosphere doesn’t strike me as the place to sport my best date digs. So as I stood in front of my closet trying to get ready for this said ‘meeting’, yet another dilemma came into sight. My youth is slipping away at a consistent speed, which isn’t bad, but at this point in my life I don’t feel like a low cut shirt and a push up bra is going to leave the right impression (you know, we all have worn something like that on dates in our early 20’s… gravity is on our side, we’re not looking for anything but Mr. Right Now and the early morning walk of shame isn’t really even a walk of shame)… but I digress.

 Bottom line is the age old question of ‘what do you wear on a first date’ has now transformed into a complicated mid 20’s ‘What do you wear on a dive bar date when you are no longer trying to look fun-sexy but more classy-sexy?’ Boy, that’s a mouthful… and so thought provoking.

I tackled this question with a leopard cardigan, a scoop neck tee, red purse (preferably a clutch, it just spices a casual cardigan up without going over the top), and pointy toe flats. Cardigans this year are the key to every woman’s wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. Prints, beaded, embellished, plain, dip dyed, boyfriend length, short, belted, buttoned, open… if only men were this versatile my dating life would be flourishing!