Vintage Montgomery Ward 1970’s plaid C.P.O. shirt-jac


For the all-American menswear piece from the 1970’s, this C.P.O. plaid shirt jacket from Montgomery Ward is a great way to go.  Worn with button-downs or chunky turtlenecks and solid-colored pants or Levi’s, this is a classic wardrobe staple that never goes out of style.   More views and sizing information here.  Don’t forget to check our great Levi’s 501 jeans prices!


1960’s gold and brown CPO fleecy wool jacket



Smartly-fitted yet casual, this CPO / shirt jac from Montgomery Ward features golden and brown tones and hearty flap-patch pockets with black buttons.  Open collar gives it that extra-relaxed look, sturdy construction.  This can be worn simply as a jacket, where the fleecy wool is enough to keep you warm, or it can be layered with a variety of different shirts to really play up that casual aspect.  More views and sizing information here.

1950’s red black buffalo check wool outdoor jacket


This is another great example of outdoor fashion finding its way into the lives of suburban dwellers.  Even if you’ve never hunted or felled a tree, you can appreciate the boldness of design in this zip-up wool red and black jacket; whether you’re actually tracking pheasant with a rifle, pondering how to tap that maple for its syrup, or just taking a long-awaited march through the woods after a week at the office, this piece will keep you cozy and dashing.  The front is all buffalo checked, while the back is one solid field of brilliant red.  More views and information here.

Butter, cream, and maple 1960’s CPO jacket

The colors on this warm-toned heavy wool CPO jacket are rather reminiscent of not just the warmth of home, but also of cold-weather breakfast.  You have your toast with maple syrup brown, a caramel color for your hot drink, your lighter golden butter and pancake or waffle colors, smartly contrasted with shades of off-white and off-gray, and then criss-crossed with black naval buttons and plaid check gridlines.  For practicality’s sake, two flap pockets are on the chest and the cuffs button open or closed.  More views and details are available here.