Let’s talk lapels!

I have a fascination with collars and lapels. I admit that’s a bit odd, but it could be worse. After writing up hundreds of vintage blazer jackets and suits for our website, I’m still in awe (and sometimes at a loss for descriptive terms) of all the different cuts and styles of lapels. They can hint at a garment’s era and in some cases, even the origin of construction. Pendleton shirts and jackets, for example, have a very distinct way of patterning their two-piece collars. I love coming across a particularly unusual lapel style, like the classic “Chanel” but at this point in my vintage clothing employment, I’ve been lucky enough to see it all.

The most common mens lapel styles are the notched L-shape and Fish Mouth. Rarer are the Clover Leaf and Semi-Clover Leaf, Trench and Flower styles. I found a few charts with google’s help which I’ve posted below as well as example garments from our warehouse that are currently for sale!

Collared Collars.

Miu Miu has up and done it. They have successfully reinvigorated the collar. A true piece of the 70’s oft overlooked and under appreciated. They have printed up kitties (who remind me of the Siamese twin felines in Lady & The Tramp) on razor sharp collars and poof – instant fame!

I have accumulated a sincere admiration for collars. They are adorable, come in all shapes and sizes and add that extra oompf to any blouse. There’s the peter pan, bertha, oxford, shawl, pilgrim, puritan, buster brown, sailor, clerical, roll back, wing chelsea, chanel, cloverleaf and trench. And then of course there’s the billion variations thereof. Yum.

Help bring back the collar! Below are some of Miu Miu’s genius. Followed by a couple of our own vintage collared items.