1950’s / 1960’s cropped gold Asian jacket

Fitted and swanky gold satin Asian-print women’s short jacket, bolero length depending on the length of one’s torso.  Great for wearing with any fitted-bodice dress, whether fitted or full-skirted, or as a complement to a solid skirt or other pants.  Closes with frog buttons, slight flare to sleeves, round collar.  Add some Occidental glow to your ensemble!   Click here for views and details.

Women’s 80’s Asian jacket

For the fan of timeless Asian-influenced fashion, we present this Chinese-pattern jacket in a slightly greenish blue.  It closes in the front with a series of contrasting “frog” closures resembling peacock tails or flowers.  With elaborate patterns in colors like  green, yellow, red, and purple, the color combination possibilities are endless!  Click here for more details.

SKU #19082