NYC Fashion Week Recap: Billy Reid Does Homegrown Vintage

When Americana designer Billy Reid reached national status after scooping up this years Vogue CFDA award, Alabama suddenly seemed like a much cooler place to hail from. Quietly creating sturdy, stud-worthy menswear for gentlemen from the farm and the fortune 500 offices, Reid does a great job at keeping classic vintage cuts and fabrics at hand. Rich golden cotton corduroy, smooth and chunky wool blazers and snappy leather jackets were highlights of Reid’s current Fall 2011 line. The style lines are demure but unabashedly classy, handsome and reminiscent of 1950’s weekend wear. These are not show-off clothes. They are clothes for the man who isn’t afraid to get dirt under his fingernails and mud on his pants.

Enjoy some of Reid’s work and then similar vintage counterparts of ours.