Deadstock designer blue 1980’s gown by Alyce Designs

Combining 1980’s  love for asymmetry and royal blue, this deadstock gown by Alyce Designs is in a timeless empire cut with a sheer, diaphanous overlay of what could be called “raining roses”.   The flower motif adds tons of visual interest and glitz for the gown’s intended purpose as formalwear.  As with many of the “true” hues, royal blue looks good with several skin tones and hair colors.    Most of all, this is a unique piece and has never been owned before!  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s green and turquoise wool men’s shirt

For fans of wool shirt-jackets, this comfortable piece by Woolshire delivers style and durability while bearing a strong resemblance to Pendleton shirt-jackets.   Pair with pegged or skinny pants for an authentic 1960’s vintage look. As a handy bonus, this wool shirt is hand-washable, making for easy care.  Click here for more views and information.



1980’s “Polo” Ralph Lauren reindeer turtleneck

For a designer take on the classic winter theme, we present this 1980’s Polo by Ralph Lauren navy turtleneck with snowflake and reindeer motif on a dark blue background, all in hand-knit wool.   The colors play off each other:  There are white snowflakes and dark maroon shapes against the dark blue, and there are dark blue and dark maroon snowflakes on the white background.  The turtleneck is a ribbed, rolled collar and the sleeves end in white ribbed cuffs.  Smart and stylish for the wintertime!  Click here for more views and information.

1980’s hand-knitted “La Mode” men’s pullover sweater

Early 1980’s men’s pullover in the ski sweater style.  Knitted using a hand intarsia technique, which is a method of knitting with multiple colors, this understated and complimentary geometric pattern coordinates easily and is just plain fun to look at.  Colors range from azure blue to curry-khaki to  shell white to a greyish-green blocks on front with  bigger fields of color on the sleeves and back.  Crafted by “La Mode” and labeled “Active Sportswear”, we’ll look the other way if you just wear it to kick back and relax.   Click here for more views and sizing information.


Shiny blue 1960’s men’s suit

While many stylish 60’s clothes come through Monster Vintage and many of them remind us of Mad Men, this is the first time a suit has so clearly spoken the name of the character Pete Campbell.  His character routinely wears blue throughout the show, especially in the early seasons, and it’s easy to see why: This is a beautiful color.   It’s a sapphire blue with a faint black contrast, yet it has a sheen in the light.  The cut is relaxed and roomy in the jacket, with cuffs at the ankles on the pants.  Made by Alton Ames Clothes of Distinction and sold by Foreman and Clark, purveyors of fine men’s suits.   Click here for more views and sizing details.