All Terrain Cycle Gear

Once in a while, we have such an amusing customer interaction that it warrants chatting about it. A few weeks ago, the humorous and proudly Italian Vincent S. from Corbin Motorcycles purchased a vintage ATC Honda racing mesh hat from us. He was super excited and let us know that they were hard to find. He gave it to his dad and a few days later, I received a great photo of Vincent and his dad from Vincent’s childhood. He’s sitting on a three-wheeled ATC, wearing the very same mesh hat.

Since then, I happened to stumble upon a vintage ATC Honda racing shirt. Thinking Vincent might be interested, I sent him a photo. He loved the shirt and sent over another photo – a 1976 Polaroid of he and pops. Vincent wrote, “Here is a picture of my dad’s custom chopper with rims he made. 30 years later “Jesse James” said he invented the 5-star aluminum rim…ummmm NO, pops had that shit back when us Italians had bowl cuts and afros. Check out the ‘do on me and my pops, oh and my snazzy plaid bell bottoms.”

Most fabulous photo description ever. I will now never be able to see another ATC garment and not immediately think of Vincent. Not a bad thing, in my opinion.

My interaction with Vincent also prompted me to do some research. Turns out that around 1893, the first Quadracycle came out. In the 60’s many American and Japanese companies churned out 4-wheeled vehicles that were able to traverse water, mud and swamp land. Then, in 1970, Honda premiered the first 3-wheeled All Terrain Vehicle and trademarked the term for it ATC (All Terrain Cycle). The bike was made famous with help from James Bond in the film, “Diamonds Are Forever”. Since the early Bond days, these big-wheeled toys have found their place and popularity with sports enthusiasts and motorcycle fans.

Here are Vincent’s awesome photos, followed by the most recent find for him at our warehouse.