To piggyback Joni’s post, I too have always been a fan off the illustrious concert tee/wrestling tee/wildlife tee, but these black cotton treasures have always caused a bit of a conundrum for me: How can I wear this and look cute rather than careless? When the most mesmerizing t-shirt finds don’t always come in a flattering, fitted size, it can be quite a challenge.
A few weeks ago, though, inspired by a passing cyclist, I put together this little en-semb, consisting of:

1) A big, black Samhain tee
2) Some skinny-ish jeans
3) A vest
4) A good pair of boots

Success! With the right ingredients, you too can pull off a boyfriend-ish shirt!
Start with any black t-shirt. Black tee = automatically bad ass. (Though you’d be hard pressed to find anything more bad ass than this electrified Diamond Rio tee.) Slim jeans and a vest, like this vintage velvet number, can give some shape and structure to an otherwise oversized garment. Be sure to leave a button or two undone though, to properly exhibit your shirt’s undoubtedly awesome graphic. The length of the shirt lets you conveniently conceal the inevitable skinny jean muffin top, while the the recently resurfaced rolled t-shirt sleeve trend lets you show off your guns. Slip on some cute flats or a pair of commandeering boots and you’ve got yourself an outfit. So long as you don’t go crazy with your color palette, you can do no wrong.

(click image to enlarge and for item number)

Voila! My personal favorite of the fall!

What I love about 50s and 60s fashion is that everything seemed so purposeful and intentional—nothing was really created by accident. When you purchased some article of clothing it wasn’t necessarily trendy; it was a skillfully crafted piece. I think that’s part of why vintage fashions have stood the test of time; trends are cyclical yes, but there’s a reason why 40 year old cashmere sweaters still look fresh today: they were crafted with care and attention to detail, not haphazardly pieced together en masse for the mall.

While I love Casual Fridays as much as the next girl, I would relish a return to a more tailored weekly dress code. [Joan Holloway anyone?] But I’m not sure I could realistically make the jump from trouser jeans to a tailored suit in one fell swoop. Instead? I’ve started wearing one of my grandmother’s gold twisted tassel necklaces. The same necklace I used as costume jewelry growing up is now adding a touch of sophistication to my typical tank tops and t-shirts. It’s somewhere in between overly casual and to the nines—just what I’m looking for!



Personally, I Like YouTube Videos of Puppies Better!

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