Electric Fix

Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!!! OMG, YAY. This is pulsing through my head as I browse the budding spring collections for 2011. Vogue’s January pages are ¬†bursting with electric textures and florescent features…oh, neon. Neon! Beautiful, energetic neon is getting a touch of sophistication in shiny, lacy business suits, loud leather shift dresses and digital dancing duds. It’s the latest upgrade¬†of the color blocking the 80’s did so well. Check out what they’ve got, check out what we’ve got, and then plug and play. FRICKIN’ YAY!

And now Monster Vintage presents…

Vintage 1980’s Gorgeous Generra

Pandora (yes, that is her given government name) is a fairy princess who dropped down out of the vintage clothing heavens to spread joy, light and much priceless label education to 1980’s obsessed moi. This morning, she showed me an over-sized pullover knit sweater from the 80’s-born label, Generra. I knew Gitano, Guess and Girbaud but had never heard of Generra. The sweater was nothing short of awesome. Boxy cut with a high neck, it featured a bright color-blocked back and raglan sleeves with a cartoon-like image of a man and woman on the front, looking ever the part of an 80’s couple. After much frantic researching and a website disappointment (www.generra.com – such a fantastic opening home page to…nowhere), I found runway images of the company’s latest 2010/11 Winter line and a bit of back history. It appears that the boldly patterned pullovers peaked in popularity from 1985-1987 and according to the fashionistas of the day, they were worn with skin tight jeans, tights or leggings, pumps and lots of hair spray. And Generra was the front runner of the Hypercolor tee shirt movement. Remember? The special screen print changed colors depending on how hot or cold you were. So totally mega like, awesome!

Below are a few images from the company’s latest line and one shot of blouse I found online. If Miss Pandora comes around again, I’ll try and snap her find to give you the full perspective.

What were your favorite 80’s labels?