om1970’s ruffle-front gold tuxedo shirt

You don’t need a formal occasion to work out the tuxedo shirt, but spring is a good time for making this kind of statement.  While originally worn with a synthetic suit of black or brown, this versatile tone of sunflower to goldenrod yellow can go with many colors of pants or even jeans.  The label says “After Six”, but we won’t tell you when to wear it.   Prom or a night out:  The main thing is that you look great!   Click here for more views and sizing information.

NOTE:  This color may appear more vivid on some monitors.  It is a slightly muted shade of golden yellow.


Early 1970’s A-line houndstooth check dress

Combining the flattering and youthful A-line cut with the ever-popular houndstooth check pattern, this fully-lined dress is a made of a wool blend and can be worn in winter, despite its mid-thigh/above the knee length.  Contrasting red and brass-tone accents give the whole dress a vaguely military efficiency, but it’s clearly of that period where it would have been worn with or without pantyhose or tights and with thick-heeled shoes, possibly with a high tongue. A-line cut is flattering on a variety of figure types while being comfortable.  Click here for more views and information.


1970’s soft poly “Broadway” men’s shirt

For a seventies shirt, this has a conspicuous lack of paisley, stripe, swirl, or any other bold and/or geometric pattern.  Instead, this white soft poly weave shirt is deceptively lightweight and features a subtle multi-colored fleck, sure to coordinate with many kinds of pants or shorts.  Click here for more views and sizing.


Late 70’s/early 80’s violet-magenta belted dress

Rich, jewel tones up your alley?  Like some tropical twist to your look?  Cast your eyes upon this.   This simple-cut v-neck dress in a violet magenta with a darker blue-violet print is complemented by gold-tone piping at the waist and neckline.  To complete the silhouette, this dress still has its self-fabric thin belt.  Click here for more views and sizing.


By: Emerald Lavender has a wide array of vintage clothing and accesories that appeal to a myriad of styles and personalities. Here are a few of my favorite dresses!

1970’s Mint Julep Gown

1970's mint julep

Firstly, the color of this gown is phenomenal. Reminds me of Girl Scout Thin Mints. This grown screams elegance and class. The cut of the dress is flattering to a variety of figures with its low empire waist and diamond cut capped sleeves.

1950’s Saks Fifth Avenue Dress

1950's saks

This dress is simply gorgeous. I channel Audrey Hepburn when I look at this dress with those huge fluttering eyelashes. Chocolate covered with embroidered flowers, this dress is sophistication personified.

Late 1940’s Cocktail Froc Dress

1940's Cocktail Frock

This 1940’s Cocktail dress is so cute! Actually, I wouldn’t mind owning this dress. Sequin Appliqué flowers and asymmetrical waistline set it apart from the lot. It’s in Mint Condition! I would urge you to purchase it, but I have got my eye on it! Better get it before I do!