1920’s black velvet women’s evening wrap

Be draped in black, voluminous velvet, deep as the darkest nights of winter, and be enveloped in glamour and mystery in this enthralling 1920’s piece with dolman-cut sleeves and golden champagne satin lining.  Crafted by Steinberg’s of St. Louis, this reminder of the prosperity of the 1920’s is characteristically generous in cut with big, swooping, graceful lines in the sleeves and the self-fabric tie at the neck.  Know what the slinky sirens of the silent Silver Screen felt, skimming through the evening in their bobbed hair, sneaking to the speakeasy or gallavanting in elegance among countless strangers to the strains of jazz music.  Louise Brooks would have nothing on you if you made your entrance in this, and Theda Bara might feel upstaged, eclipsed.  Eyes would turn.  Jaws would drop.  And it would all be about you.



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Peach 1920’s “Sarabelle Mode” cloche hat

Named for its shape (cloche means “bell” in French), the cloche hat is the symbol of the Roaring Twenties headgear for women.  A huge departure from the large and elaborate hats of the previous decade, when hairstyles were voluminous and full, the flapper hairstyles were sleek, minimalistic, and amazingly close to the head.  Suddenly, hats could easily be pulled down over the crown and even hide part of the face.  Because of this, there was room around the wearer’s forehead and temples for unusual shapes – peaks, ruffles – that would directly play off one’s features.  The cloche hat stayed in style into the 1930’s, but its true height as a cutting-edge fashion coincides with the “birth” of the Flapper, the It Girl.    Despite the androgynous, gender-role-smashing image of the flapper, some cloche hats still managed to be quite feminine-looking.  And so it is with this coral-peach-colored dream of a hat by Sarabella Mode.  It’s quite rare to find such an old hat, especially with such detail.  This has all the major elements of the 20’s – asymmetrical design, warm color, and lots of kick!  Click here for more views and sizing information.

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Fashions and Flappers of the 1920s

The fashions of the 1920s are some of the most beautiful and recognizable in history.  The dropped waist, cloche hats, and bobbed hairdo, all epitomize the flapper style.  Monstervintage has some rare finds in excellent condition from this time period.

sheer ebony lace 1920s dress small
1920s Black Lace Dress

Find out more about this collector’s piece here.  Another stellar example, in an unusual and gorgeous shade of blue, is this satin flapper delight.

Blue Satin 1920s Dress
collectable 1920s dress

One more stunning dress from the jazz age is this brown velvet frock, perfect for a winter afternoon or a cocktail party.

dress from the 1920s
brown dress from the 1920s

The perfect wrap to go with any of these stunning dresses would be a breathtaking dolman style coat.  This showstopper of a robe was made by Steinberg’s Saint Louis in the 1920s.

dolman style 1920s coat
Velvet dolman style 1920s wrap

Another  more practical way to get the flapper look without actually  wearing the  fragile garments from the 1920s, is to wear vintage  from other decades that mimic the look.  Here is a flapper fashion from the 1960s  film Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Carol Channing in a flapper costume
Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie

This beautiful 1960s dress from monstervintage is the bee’s knees, but not so fragile!  You will be the belle of the ball in this pink ruffle confection.

pink lace vintage dress
pink lace and ruffle 1960s dropwaist