Springtime Vintage Skirts for Flirts!


Springtime brings out the fun skirts that just make you want to flirt! Long winter months of being bundled up in layers has past and it’s time to lighten up! Skirts are amazingly versatile and can go from the workplace to the evening outing with style. Feeling flirty…check out the vintage and retro skirts and lighten up.  Reuse and recycle while adding pizazz to your wardrobe.




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Monster Vintage is having a secret sale, Just in time to add a unique piece of vintage clothing to your spring wardrobe. Treat yourself to a 35% discount for a limited time. Promotional sale ends on April 27, 2014.

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Vintage, The Cool Urban Fashion

In today’s culture fashion statements reflect our individual style and nothing shows off your individual style like authentic Vintage Clothing that is China-free!

You can buy the most expensive Designer clothing or the cheapest knock-offs and they will both be from a mass produced China factory. Adding a piece of original American vintage to your wardrobe will enhance your fashion individuality and help our environment by saving some green through re-using clothing that was made to last.

Quality clothing from the decades of American producers will still outlast any new clothing you buy today! A seventy-year-old Pea Coat from WWII will put name brand copies to shame!

Shop the huge selection and find your new favorite piece of clothing; the piece you keep front and center in your closet to wear over and over again.

Vintage isn’t old fashioned; it’s a Fashion Statement! Put on a one-of-a-kind style from the Swing era to Heavy Metal and show off your American icon!


Wholesale Vintage Wedding Dresses for Sale!

A rare collection of Vintage Wedding Dresses for Sale. This huge lot covers fashions from the 1900’s – 1990’s, Monstervintage.com’s owner has been collecting them for the last 15 years. There is every style of Wedding Gown from the turn of the century to the early 1990’s. Rare antique Bridal Gowns with beautiful handmade lace and beading, elaborate fashions and simple styles all come in the mix of 350-400 pieces. This wholesale lot is full of dresses that are immaculately made in beautiful satin and silk fabrics with a large variety of sizes and designs, designer labels and handmade pieces too!

Included is a rare piece designed from the Russian Renaissance Era and never worn. This jeweled gown style is on the front cover of In The Russian Style Edited by Jacqueline Onassis with the cooperation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and comes with eight emerald velvet Bridesmaid dresses beautifully created.

Contact for more information for this rare opportunity of Antique, Vintage, Retro and Hippie Bridal Gowns!!

Our vintage wedding dresses are being sold in bulk, there is every style and size.  Pictures below are just an example of some wedding items we have on the site for individual sale.

mv 4 mv 50's 3

1970's vintage modernized white flapper fringe dress
1970’s vintage modernized white flapper fringe dress

mv2 IngPittWhiteGown

vintage Mexican wedding shirt
collectible Cuban


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Freethinkers!  We are honored to post this article by a very knowledgeable and passionate customer…


By Nancy C. Morris

There is a different way to look at vintage clothing purchases these days.  Sure it is very refreshing to wear something vintage and know it wasn’t produced in sweatshops nor contributed to the suffering and mistreatment of unfortunate garment workers in Mexico, Bangladesh, China, and other countries.  Vintage clothing purchases are one way of recycling something we can use and it makes a personal statement to us of our own pleasant memories from the past.  In this spirit, the way we treat these vintage purchases afterwards could have a beneficial impact on our plant.   There is a movement afoot for reducing our exposure to toxic chemical detergents and chemical fragrances found in many products used to clean clothes.  After the purchase of a favored vintage clothing item, one can choose those cleaning products that do not harm our won health or that of children or pets. This even helps the many wild creatures we share the planet with.  Chemical fragrances found in many cleaning and laundry and personal care products on the market are now considered a waterway contaminant.  Water treatment plants cannot remove these chemicals.  So the more we use nontoxic cleaning and personal care products, the more we can reduce the toxic chemical waste in our streams, rivers and ultimately the ocean.  Remember, chemicals used in fragranced products are not natural, they don’t clean and don’t freshen; they do pollute.

The National Institute of occupational Safety and Health found 884 toxic substances in a list of 2,983 chemicals used in the fragrance industry.  Many of these fragrance chemicals are used in products to clean clothes.  There is no toxicity data for over 80% of these ingredients.  According to the FDA, fragrances are responsible for 30% of all allergic reactions to cosmetics.  72% of asthmatics have respiratory symptoms from exposure to perfumes.   Many react to clothes washed in fragranced laundry soap, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.  this means thousands of individuals are at risk for severe asthma attacks induced by fragrances, which doesn’t even include the other high risk populations such as babies, children, the elderly, people with emphysema and other lung or immune diseases, and pets who are near clothing that have been treated with these types of products or stay in laundry rooms.  Scented detergents, dryer-sheets and fabric softeners continue to volatilize or outgas for weeks or months.  These products may cause people to suffer migraines, watery eyes and sinus problems; an exposed person may not even realize what is causing the discomfort.  Pets can experience asthma, congestion and irritated eyes and unfortunately can’t speak out about it.

These harmful exposures can happen because the fragrance industry is largely unregulated and self-policing; they do not have to disclose their ingredients in products to consumers.  Their heavy advertising and lobbying budgets furthers this agenda of nondisclosures.  So you fans of vintage clothing do not buy into corporate PR that says you need chemically fragranced products to clean your clothes. Be a fragrance-freethinker.  Perhaps one day the common thought of using fragranced  laundry detergents, cleaners, dryer sheets and other scented products will be a trend that will fall by the wayside as more people become informed on these serious health issues.

Article is © 2013 by NANCY C. MORRIS. Permission to use granted to Monster Vintage.


For Further reading:




 Chemicals of Concern Commonly Found in Fragrance Used in Cleaning Products.





 “Unfortunately, dryer sheets can contain some harmful chemicals—including hidden fragrance chemicals that lots of people are sensitive to.”


 FRAGRANCE TIDBITS: approximately 20% of Americans report breathing difficulties, headaches, or other health problems when exposed to air fresheners and deodorizers, and more than 10% report adverse effects when exposed to laundry products vented outdoors. Percentage are nearly twice as high for asthmatics.”



FRAGRANCE. A Growing Health & Environmental Hazard. FACT SHEET. F.6.2011. “CDC Establishes Fragrance as a “Recognized Hazard”.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control comments








om1970’s ruffle-front gold tuxedo shirt

You don’t need a formal occasion to work out the tuxedo shirt, but spring is a good time for making this kind of statement.  While originally worn with a synthetic suit of black or brown, this versatile tone of sunflower to goldenrod yellow can go with many colors of pants or even jeans.  The label says “After Six”, but we won’t tell you when to wear it.   Prom or a night out:  The main thing is that you look great!   Click here for more views and sizing information.

NOTE:  This color may appear more vivid on some monitors.  It is a slightly muted shade of golden yellow.


Mid-1960’s dotted pink on pink formal dress


Made here in Portland, Oregon, by Chumley for Charles F. Berg, this simple elegant dress with a layer of dotted net overlay is sure to provide plenty of spring enchantment for formal occasions.  Paired with a sleek but voluminous updo, maybe some delicately pointed shoes, this provides all the pretty in pink you need, from the faintest petal pink to more of a baby pink to the hot pink accented tied bow at the waist.  Click here for more views and sizing information.