1920’s black velvet women’s evening wrap

Be draped in black, voluminous velvet, deep as the darkest nights of winter, and be enveloped in glamour and mystery in this enthralling 1920’s piece with dolman-cut sleeves and golden champagne satin lining.  Crafted by Steinberg’s of St. Louis, this reminder of the prosperity of the 1920’s is characteristically generous in cut with big, swooping, graceful lines in the sleeves and the self-fabric tie at the neck.  Know what the slinky sirens of the silent Silver Screen felt, skimming through the evening in their bobbed hair, sneaking to the speakeasy or gallavanting in elegance among countless strangers to the strains of jazz music.  Louise Brooks would have nothing on you if you made your entrance in this, and Theda Bara might feel upstaged, eclipsed.  Eyes would turn.  Jaws would drop.  And it would all be about you.



For more views and sizing information, please go here.

1980’s red “Sauci California” women’s top

Although this top is from the 1980’s, it has a very historical feel to it around the shoulder area.  Made by Sauci, this bright red crop-length piece has unusual padded detailing to the shoulders, reminding historical costume fans of Renaissance design elements.  The rest of the top is all eighties:  Bright color, youthful cut, scoop neck. Contrasting black piping at the neck and for the whip-stitching on the shoulders gives it some extra oomph.  Click here for more views and details!


1970’s “Mayan Modern” woven skirt


Recently, we featured a bright belt covered in Guatemalan “Worry Dolls”.  Now, we are pleased to bring you another charming Guatemalan-crafted item, albeit in a less amped-up color.  This slightly darker than emerald green cotton skirt with black flecking is visually contrasted with bands of abstract folk motifs in varying shades of white to brown.  The fabric is a medium weight and can be adapted to different climates, depending how it’s worn.  Made by “Mayan Moderns”, vintage 1970’s:  Click here for more views and sizing information.

NOTE:  Some monitors may show this color as more blue than it is.  The black flecking in the fabric makes the green look darker than it really is.  Please contact Monster Vintage with any questions!

eBay highlights for early November, 2012

Attention Monster Vintage fans!  We’d like to direct your attention to our eBay shop, where we offer a variety of our inventory from our $8.99 Levi’s jeans to rare Old West finds.


Here are a few highlights:

Vintage (1970’s) colorful Levi’s horse racing women’s pants advertising poster here.

One of several mint-condition, never worn, with tags Patagonia down jackets here .

A white pair of cotton denim Levi’s at our advertised price of $8.99 here.

Beautiful Native American arm/wristbands, beaded off-white deerskin here.


We invite you to see some of our recently sold items too.  eBay buyers recently bought:





1960’s black wool beaded women’s evening top

Shimmering and shiny, festooned and festive, this black all-wool evening top with scoop neck and straight-cut armholes is practically dripping with swooping scalloped patterns of beads and finished along the bottom hem with vertical beaded fringe.  Imagine the carefully-styled hair, the heavy eyelashes, and the range of cocktail glasses held by the people all around the woman who first made an entrance in this piece, accompanied by the sound and the sparkle of all those beads.   Made in Hong Kong!  Click here for more views and sizing.


1960’s hot pink velvet dress

Elegant and emphatically hot pink, this carefully home-sewn dress will have you and everyone else seeing in Velvet-Vision.  Short sleeves and boat neckline with Peter Pan-style collar, bodice fitted with darts, all come together to make a swingy, kicky party dress with a slight flare.  We’d be lying if we didn’t say it had a little bit of both Joan and Peggy from Mad Men.  As they say on the show, “A thing like that!”  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s fitted floral cap


In the dark and rainy days of the year, do your thoughts turn to spring?  Now it can really – literally – look like you have flowers on your mind.  Fun, flirtatious, feminine, fitted, and festooned with flowers, this swim-cap style ladies’ hat is decked out in fabric poppy-like blooms in a variety of hues.  Made by Grace Adams of Portland, Oregon.   Click here for more sizing information and more views.

1970’s “Young Pendleton” plaid skirt

How did the 1970’s interpret the plaid wool Pendleton skirt?  They made it longer, not pleated, and decidedly A-line.  This piece is an example of the “Young Pendleton” line, made in virgin wool, in several demure colors:  tan-cream, varying shades of blue, varying shades of maroon, and even a little purple for good measure.   Buttons down the front with maroon buttons.  Could be worn with a cowl-neck sweater, a rich-fabric blazer with a romantic blouse, or many other ways, and would go surprisingly well with that must-have mid- to late-70’s accessory:  The knee-high boot!   Click here for sizing and details.




Rare 1980’s women’s black Wellmore sweater

Pieces like this don’t often come along.   Exquisitely hand-loomed and hand-crocheted in black, this Wellmore sweater may have been a sample piece, thus making it even more unusual.  The bodice front is a subtle bateau-neck sweater with full-length sleeves edged in hand-crocheted lace.  That’s all well and good, but when you turn the piece around you see the real surprise:  The semi-sheer back in a uniform and hand-crocheted mesh of black.  It’s understated yet grand, of its time and timeless in the same instant.  Garments from this label sold at Neiman Marcus for hundreds of dollars when new.  We invite you to see more of this piece for yourself here.