Fur-ocious furs!

As the skies turn gray and your nose turns pink your clothing can often be the only thing that brings a little fun and life to a drab winter day, as well as to your freezing body. Nothing is more fun and feminine than fur. Vintage fur coats, sweaters and accessories not only keep you toasty but add style to your look without harming more of our furry little friends.

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Whether it’s faux or authentic fur has a style and appeal that has made it a permanent symbol of elegance and class. From Marilyn Monroe to Mae West fur could be seen hanging from the shoulders and framing the faces of the world’s most glamorous and iconic women. The average gal mightn’t have been able to afford one then but times have changed at MonsterVintage.com, and nowadays any posh girl with a computer can look like a leading lady.

Style Icon Friday: Mama Mia

Everyone with functioning eyeballs knows that Mia Farrow in any fashion incarnation rules them all. But 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby was her absolute peak of style icon-ness. When Rosemary went to the salon and chopped half her hair off, so did the rest of America. So today I present to you the look that launched a thousand pixie cuts: Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.
There was something undeniably feminine yet chic about Mia’s wardrobe in this film. Very classy but girly and undeniably sixties. There are so many dresses at monstervintage.com right now that perfectly embody this look, no Satanic spawn necessary!

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Classic dresses that would fit in absolutely anywhere today! Click here to shop dresses from Monster Vintage.
Sally “Devil Child” Mulligan

Top 5 Tuesdays: Cardigans

Nothing melts my heart faster than a boy rocking nerdy-chic, so this Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to my favorite Fall staple: the cardigan!
If you aren’t convinced, check out the gentlemen below strutting their stuffs in cardigans, or refer to my Mr. Rogers Post from a while back.

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The second cardigan is my absolute favorite. Very Lebowski (or “El Duderino” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.)
The top 5 cardigans are all from Monster Vintage, you can click on the picture for the item number if you would like to buy. You can also shop cardigans here.


Sally “Grandpa” Mulligan

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Cloaks, Capes, Ponchos Oh My!

Can’t get enough. Also can’t remember where/when I was first smacked in the head with the obsessive wanting of these warm, toasty, wrap-you-up-like-a-hot-dog perfect winter coat replacements. Found a vintage pattern online and am allllllllmost done sewing up a reversible hooded cloak. The runways, my best friend, stylish street girls, everyone is gaga over cloaks, capes and ponchos. We have the originals online. Grab one and make a pattern…

XO | S.

Wardrobe Forecast: Sheepskin Jackets

The leaves have officially changed colors and the Fall fog is rolling in. With Paris Fashion Week at a close, we saw plenty of cold weather options prance down the Frenchie runways and classic leather, skeepskin lined bomber jackets are making their way back onto the backs of stylish gentlemen everywhere from their humble beginnings on Hollywood actors and military aviators in the 1940’s.

Sturdy bomber and trenchcoat style jackets lined in thick, warm sheepskin pile or real fur don’t need much to make a statement. A checkered or paisley scarf perhaps, a mirrored pair of aviator sunglasses, leather gloves…

From Givenchy’s 2008 Fall/Winter line, a single jacket from illustrious Prada and a few juicy options for sale on Monster Vintage:

XO | S.