Vintage “Aries” brass belt buckle

“Hey baby, what’s your sign?”     How often have you heard that question and been unprepared to answer it?  Well, we have the perfect solution:  This sturdy brass-tone belt buckle with the name and dates of the first house of the Zodiac.  The central focus is a combination of man-beast with twisty horns.  Surely a one-of-a-kind accessory for men or women!  Click here for more views and size dimensions.


Peach 1920’s “Sarabelle Mode” cloche hat

Named for its shape (cloche means “bell” in French), the cloche hat is the symbol of the Roaring Twenties headgear for women.  A huge departure from the large and elaborate hats of the previous decade, when hairstyles were voluminous and full, the flapper hairstyles were sleek, minimalistic, and amazingly close to the head.  Suddenly, hats could easily be pulled down over the crown and even hide part of the face.  Because of this, there was room around the wearer’s forehead and temples for unusual shapes – peaks, ruffles – that would directly play off one’s features.  The cloche hat stayed in style into the 1930’s, but its true height as a cutting-edge fashion coincides with the “birth” of the Flapper, the It Girl.    Despite the androgynous, gender-role-smashing image of the flapper, some cloche hats still managed to be quite feminine-looking.  And so it is with this coral-peach-colored dream of a hat by Sarabella Mode.  It’s quite rare to find such an old hat, especially with such detail.  This has all the major elements of the 20’s – asymmetrical design, warm color, and lots of kick!  Click here for more views and sizing information.

Click here for more views and sizing.

Star Trek: The Next Generation bath towel set

For the Trekkie or Trekker or any other name for Star Trek:  The Next Generation fan, we present this addition to your collection.  Printed in bold primary and secondary colors on a white background, you see the Enterprise, along with some other spacecraft and some very swirly planets.  Click here for views and dimensions of the towel and washcloth.

1960’s jeweled Kit-Cat Clock

Here’s your chance to own a truly iconic example of American time-telling history!  If you love kitsch for the kitchen, it’s hard to be a jeweled wall clock, especially one with constantly moving parts.  This Kit-Cat Clock not only has the moving eyes and tail, but it is decorated with red and clear Austrian crystals.  The eyes and tail are still in moving order, and the cord is tucked up inside the body of the cat.  The back of the clock says “San Juan Capistrano, CA”, dating the clock to the mid-60’s.  A very wise person once described the motion of the clock in this way:  The eyes go zig and the tail goes zag.  With this clock, you get the zigging and zagging with added sparkle.  Click here for more views and information!


1960’s Mika box purse with Victorian scene

I’ve seen box purses , but this is a really interesting take on such a mid-century style of purse.   We have here a Victorian  scene with a lot of information.  It looks like Father is sitting in front of a scenic backdrop to have his photograph made while Mother and Daughter look on from the doorway.  Mother is looking pretty and friendly in her hat, and Daughter looking around as she takes a break from playing with her metal hoop.  The photographer’s studio walls are adorned with pictures of other people who have had their picture taken and then, if you look to his right, you see what looks like one of those silhouette pictures of the photographer plying his trade.  The whole thing is fastened with a silver-tone twist clasp.    To see the green velvety lining and mirror inside, as well as other views of this unique piece, please click here.

1984 Reno Corvettes gray mesh hat

Are you a fan of classic cars?  Then Reno, Nevada is most likely on your radar as the city where the Hot August Nights show is every year.  But car enthusiasts don’t stop there!  This hat commemorates the 1984 ninth V & T event, in Reno, specifically for Corvettes.   A great item for Corvette lovers and any collector of automotive memorabilia!  Click here for more information. 

1970’s souvenir jacket from Japan

When you find a piece of clothing like this, you also find someone’s story.  Sometimes, you also find how that story relates to history!  In researching the place names on this jacket, I learned that Misawa, Japan was the starting point for the world’s first trans-Pacific flight.  (Source:  “Then and Now“)  After World War II, it served as an Air Force Base and the Navy also had a presence there too.  This jacket tells the story of someone called “Chi Chi”, who was in the 6920 Security Group for two years in the 1970’s.  Looking at the patches and the embroidery, you get a better idea of this person’s hobbies and activities:

Whoever Chi Chi was, he loved sports:  Basketball, baseball, and he was apparently from California.   From the map on the back of the jacket,  you can see how far to the north Misawa is:  At the northern tip of the main island (Honshu) in the Aomori prefecture.  The fleece lining on this jacket likely helped keep Chi Chi warm in the winter, as it can get pretty snowy in northern Honshu.  Another way to warm up in this region of Japan is to visit an onsen (hot springs bath), but there’s no patch for that.

If you’re interested in history and souvenir jackets, please find more detail views of the other patches here.


Vibrant red-violet men’s shirt

This shirt has a little bit of everything.  It’s a little flamenco, a little south of the border (if you’re in the United States), a little poet, with an extremely pointed wing collar and smocking at the shoulders.  Most men’s fashion tries to be sedate, relaxed, and conservative, and this shirt wants to have nothing to do with most men’s fashion.  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1992 Petra “Unseen” concert tee

We have here a 1992 concert t-shirt from the Canadian band Petra.  Classic concert tee format with the band’s faces on the front and tour dates and cities on the back.  Interestingly, this band is celebrating its 40th year in 2012, which means that this shirt commemorates the band’s 20th anniversary tour!    Click here for more views and sizing information.