Loving the Classics!

Classic vintage clothing tells a story of our past culture and society! Fabric shortages during wartime brought about the single breasted suit and 60’s women’s liberation and birth control brought about free live and the mini-skirt. What conversations will our current fashions be about?

Vintage Pendleton Jacket
Classics with a new twist!
1960’s Swimwear Fashion


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70s sundress

collectible red dress


Top Fashion Designers just keep going back to the traditional vintage styles because they work!  We love to wear a garment that makes us look good and that feels comfortable.   Here we show some vintage shirts in great colors that work year round.   Swing, retro and western shirts just keep being cool!  When you think of “old” clothes think of these special pieces, they will never go out of style.   The fringed western shirt has contrasting colors that stand out for a show stopper and who can’t “love” the Chicken Ranch tee shirt?  Swingsters and Hipsters your not forgotten, browse the Monstervintage.com pages for a vintage piece that fits your personality!



Seriously! Exactly! Right! Really! It’s All Good!

Really!  It’s all good when you find that Vintage shirt that just makes your style POP!  For Sure….you can find casual button-down shirts or dress button-up shirts in vintage colors and fabrics.

Vintage shirts come in tailored fit, tapered fit, long shirt tails and loose fit designs, clothing that you need and vintage that you want!

Load up your closet with some real hip classics that are timeless!


MAKE WAVES! Spring into a Season of Classic Swimwear and be a splash of fashion!


MAKE WAVES! Spring into original Vintage clothing and swimwear and be a splash of fashion!  Springtime vacations are a great reason to add to your vintage & retro clothes collection.  Wear a 1930’s or 1960’s Mod era bathing suit and your personal style will stand out for sure.  Monster Vintage has some great bathing suits, swimwear and summer fun dresses so stop by and make a Vintage Splash!



Sunny Afternoon Roses at the Beach  & After Dark at the Pool


Volleyball Flare & Rare 30’s Swimsuit


“Girls Don’t Want Cute Little Bathing Suits, they Want to Make Waves!”











Baby it’s wet outside! Try out some vintage clothing to help keep you high & dry.  Dress in layers of retro and vintage clothing to keep you looking sharp and comfortable in crazy weather.

Spring is coming with more rain in the forecast!



Our clothing reflects our culture and individual style and nothing shows off your individual style like authentic Vintage Clothing!

Adding a piece of original American vintage to your wardrobe will announce your culture statement and help our environment by re-using clothing that was actually made to last.

Shop the huge selection and find your new favorite piece of clothing; the piece you keep front and center in your closet to wear over and over again.

Vintage isn’t old fashioned; it’s a Fashion Statement! A Culture Statement!

Sheer & Breezy Cocktail Hour Dresses

Designer Glam Evening Dress


Mix It Up Retro & Rare Clothing!

Just Be Yourself!

Just be yourself and let your clothing style say it with VINTAGE!  When you add vintage to your wardrobe you create a unique you with one-of-a-kind pieces from decades past.  Mix and match, a great pair of Levi’s with a 1950’s top.  Why stop there when you can wear a Retro Blazer with jeans for an urban street sleek look.  Monstervintage.com offers women’s and men’s vintage clothing and accessories to spark up your closet that is all original vintage so you’ll stand out in the crowd just being yourself.


mv denim 19896

mv vest 1