Brown 1970’s women’s velvet jacket


For rich, mysterious fabrics, you can’t do much better than the liquid loveliness of velvet.  This 1970’s women’s blazer-style jacket is crafted in a deep chocolatey brown crushed velvet.  Two recessed-center brown buttons close the jacket in the front, and there is slight gathering at the shoulder.  While this piece is clearly styled in the seventies look, it still manages to look timeless.  Very fluid and supple fabric, just perfect for cold-weather wardrobes!  Click here for more views and sizing information.

Fashions and Flappers of the 1920s

The fashions of the 1920s are some of the most beautiful and recognizable in history.  The dropped waist, cloche hats, and bobbed hairdo, all epitomize the flapper style.  Monstervintage has some rare finds in excellent condition from this time period.

sheer ebony lace 1920s dress small
1920s Black Lace Dress

Find out more about this collector’s piece here.  Another stellar example, in an unusual and gorgeous shade of blue, is this satin flapper delight.

Blue Satin 1920s Dress
collectable 1920s dress

One more stunning dress from the jazz age is this brown velvet frock, perfect for a winter afternoon or a cocktail party.

dress from the 1920s
brown dress from the 1920s

The perfect wrap to go with any of these stunning dresses would be a breathtaking dolman style coat.  This showstopper of a robe was made by Steinberg’s Saint Louis in the 1920s.

dolman style 1920s coat
Velvet dolman style 1920s wrap

Another  more practical way to get the flapper look without actually  wearing the  fragile garments from the 1920s, is to wear vintage  from other decades that mimic the look.  Here is a flapper fashion from the 1960s  film Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Carol Channing in a flapper costume
Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie

This beautiful 1960s dress from monstervintage is the bee’s knees, but not so fragile!  You will be the belle of the ball in this pink ruffle confection.

pink lace vintage dress
pink lace and ruffle 1960s dropwaist

Monstrous Costumes of Sir Christopher Lee

The dashing and handsome Mr. Christopher Lee holds the world record for the most film acting roles ever. Mainly know for his roles as Dracula and Frankenstein during the 1960s and 70s, he is also notable for being in more recent films like The Lord Of The Rings. Check out some vintage fashions inspired by one of the masters of the silver screen.

Before becoming an actor, Christopher Lee served in The Royal Air Force during WWII. Perhaps he wore something similar to this rare leather and fur overcoat from the 1940s?  This WWII double breasted coat is a large size for a big and tall man, just like Mr. Lee.

Find out more about this rare vintage coat here.

Here we see Mr. Lee wearing a double breasted coat in the 1957 film Frankenstein.

Another 1940s vintage piece is this pea coat in great condition.  Heavy weight wool and with the original anchor buttons, this WWII era coat will keep you warm as you wander the forest at night looking for friends.

Christopher Lee’s first appearance as a vampire was in the movie Dracula from 1958, released as Horror of Dracula in the US.   Always mesmerizing, we see him here in a still from Dracula Has Risen From The Grave made in 1968.

When dressing as the undead all it really takes, is a good black cape to make your victims swoon!

This one size fits all 1960s cape is a steal at $29.99!

This beautiful vintage wool Pendleton coat is surely something befitting Sherlock Holmes. Find out more here.

Christopher Lee first played Sir Henry Baskerville to Peter Cushing’s Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of The Baskervilles in 1959.  He also played Sherlock himself, in Sherlock and The Deadly Necklace in 1969.

A true dandy changes into a smoking jacket before indulging in a pipe.  Here is a superb example from the monstervintage collection.  Made in the 1950s with gold and green Asian embroidery, it is lounge wear fit for a king!

If you’ve never seen Beat Girl from 1960, you’re in for a real treat.  Christopher Lee plays Kenny, the owner of a strip club called Les Girls, where the young protagonist of the film is persuaded  to dance.

How to dress like a strip club owner in 1960s London you might ask?  This Curlee Sportswear blazer would be a good way to start and then just add a Towncraft Snapper clip on tie from the same era.

Before there was Burning Man there was Wicker Man from 1973. Behold the beauty of Christopher Lee and his manly mustard turtleneck.

Watch the movie to find out how pagan rituals are hell on hairstyles.  A similar sweater style from monstervintage is this rare 1970s Kawasaki ski sweater.

Long Live Christopher Lee!

Monstrous Vintage Fashions – How to Get The Hammer Glamour Look

Some of the best vintage fashions can be found in horror films from the 1960s. Here we take a look at some of the costumes seen in films from Hammer Studios as well as the legendary Mario Bava.  Look no further than films like The Vampire Lovers, starring Ingrid Pitt, for Hammer glamour inspiration!  Here you can see Ms. Pitt wearing a lime green empire waist long sleeved gown while contemplating her next conquest.

Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers

A similar fashion from the monstervintage catalog is another empire waisted maxi, this time with a lace top. You just don’t see this olive shade of green being worn anymore and it’s a real shame. The crepe rayon skirt with the fetching bow accessory is a strong look for the modern woman. Here is another vintage green from the same period with a more austere design.

A bit less daring, this pink chiffon extravaganza reminds me of the gown that Ingrid Pitt wears in Countess Dracula before bathing in the blood of virgins.

A sample dress from New York’s garment district, the bubble gum pink 1980s gown is in mint condition.

The undisputed queen of the spaghetti horror films, Barbara Steele can be seen here in an image from the legendary Mario Bava film, Black Sunday, the first Italian horror film.

This 19th century black cape  perfectly reflects Ms. Steele’s look of Victorian gloom.

With a Peter Pan collar and satin piping trim it is a must have for costume fanciers.  Although Ms. Steele is not wearing a hat with this costume, you may still consider pairing the cape with this fabulous and rare bonnet again from the collection of monstervintage.
Never underestimate the importance of a well placed hat to contribute to your vintage look.  Ms. Steele shows us how it’s done.

The Twins of Evil show some lovely 1860s/1960s fashions as well as giving us  a look at vintage nightgowns.

In keeping with the 1970s color scheme, here are a couple of examples of maxi dresses that can be found at

You may find yourself wondering  what do these Twins of Evil wear at night?

The look can easily be achieved with this beautiful vintage peignoir.

Again we can look at Ingrid Pitt in The Vampire Lovers for inspiration in wearing vintage lingerie.

A simple white vintage slip is all it takes to resemble a 1960s era Vampire bombshell!

Remember to be beautifully monstrous when choosing your look for the day!

And as Vampira would say, bad dreams darlings….

Menswear summer magic! Suspenders, rolled cuffs, denim and leather…

After a lifetime of obsessing over womens fashion, I found new life inside the warehouse walls at Monster Vintage and discovered the wide and stylish world of menswear. We sell pallets of vintage gear to fashion-forward men all over the globe and we’d like to think they’re all better looking for it. Since the general theme over here at MV is what goes around comes around, we love seeing yesteryear’s trends become well, trendy again. An editorial from February’s Tendencias magazine revealed so many summer prophecies, we couldn’t help but get excited.

First up, suspenders! In any color, any pattern and either worn properly or left to hang loosely at the sides, they look amazing with almost anything. Shoot for the authentic, vintage kind that have leather button loops as opposed to metal claps although those would suffice just fine as well. Super easy to dress them up with oxfords, blazers and slacks or down with Fruit Of The Loom tank tops and jean shorts. We just had a lad in the U.K. order a pair from us and I’m quite sure he’ll be stunning in them.

From us:

Next up, rolled cuff denim pants and shorts! Gotta love denim. Be it vintage Levi Strauss, LEE or Wrangler, dark, faded, chambray or distressed, it’s hard to go wrong. Until the weather is a bit warmer, cuff your pants James Dean style and pair with leather loafers (see photo above). When the temperature does rise, with your jeans on, mark a little line 2 to 3 inches below where you want the shorts to fall and cut off using sharp scissors. Then fold once or twice or thrice!

Last but not least, we have vests! Specifically, leather motorcycle style vests! We’re thrilled that everyone is wearing Rick Owens, his pieces are a nostalgic nod to vintage Schott, Harley-Davidson and our own locally-grown Langlitz Leathers. Asymmetrical zippers, thick extra padding and fringe – the more decoration, the merrier.


To piggyback Joni’s post, I too have always been a fan off the illustrious concert tee/wrestling tee/wildlife tee, but these black cotton treasures have always caused a bit of a conundrum for me: How can I wear this and look cute rather than careless? When the most mesmerizing t-shirt finds don’t always come in a flattering, fitted size, it can be quite a challenge.
A few weeks ago, though, inspired by a passing cyclist, I put together this little en-semb, consisting of:

1) A big, black Samhain tee
2) Some skinny-ish jeans
3) A vest
4) A good pair of boots

Success! With the right ingredients, you too can pull off a boyfriend-ish shirt!
Start with any black t-shirt. Black tee = automatically bad ass. (Though you’d be hard pressed to find anything more bad ass than this electrified Diamond Rio tee.) Slim jeans and a vest, like this vintage velvet number, can give some shape and structure to an otherwise oversized garment. Be sure to leave a button or two undone though, to properly exhibit your shirt’s undoubtedly awesome graphic. The length of the shirt lets you conveniently conceal the inevitable skinny jean muffin top, while the the recently resurfaced rolled t-shirt sleeve trend lets you show off your guns. Slip on some cute flats or a pair of commandeering boots and you’ve got yourself an outfit. So long as you don’t go crazy with your color palette, you can do no wrong.

(click image to enlarge and for item number)

Voila! My personal favorite of the fall!

How To Wear It: Capes

It’s that time of year (Fall AGAIN, I know!) where it’s getting chilly outside- but it’s not too chilly. And it’s almost certainly the perfect temperature outside for a cape or a poncho. The Fall runways were littered with tailored capes and capelets this year, and who are we to go against nature?
A lovely cape is definitely going to set you apart from the crowd, which makes some people too nervous to try wearing one at all. Well, that’s where we come in. Take a look at how we would wear this awesome Monster Vintage Cape.
Mod Striped Cape
Mod, striped, spectacular. Don’t be afraid!

(Click pic to enlarge)

During the day, I suggest playing up the Mod-ness of the cape with a nautical look. More stripes (you can mix prints, just keep them in the same color family), some simple boots, and little sailor-inspired accessories all help to spotlight this cute capper!

I was always skeptical of trying to pull off a cape with a dress, but I think I have worked out the schematics of it all. Just like with coats, proportion is important. The longer your cape is, the longer a dress you can get away with. If your cape’s hem falls somewhere near your hands, you should keep your dress above your knee. The look is not “Renaissance Faire Worker” this season.* I suggest wearing tights with your dresses in the Fall and Winter anyway, and the rule still applies here. It’s like wearing a puffer coat with flip-flops, as far as I’m concerned. So layer it up, and if your cape is as bright and colorful as this one (or more so) keep the rest of your outfit simple. Use your accessories to pick up the colors in the garment.

See? I told you you can do it. Do you need any advice on how to wear a standout, unique, or seemingly wacky item? Let us know, we’d be happy to help!
Click here to shop for vintage capes and ponchos.

*or ever, for that matter…

1 (crazy) top, 4 ways

You know how you’ll be out on the hunt, shopping at a vintage store, and a unique piece will catch your eye on the rack? But it seems a little too unique, so you pass. How in the heck would you wear that thing, anyway?! Well, we’re here to help!

While this standout sequin number (courtesy of monster vintage!) might, um, make you stand out, all it really takes is a few basics and some confidence to make it work for any time of day. Check it out:

(click image to enlarge)
1. Errands Throw on your favorite jeans, a tank top underneath and a cardigan over this piece to tone it down, and no one at the grocery store will think you’re a weirdo.
2. Drinks with the girls Play up the colors of the top with a bright bag or other accesory, but keep the rest of the outfit simple and late-night.
3. Date night You can definitely have a little more fun on date night. Throw the cropped top over your fave LBD and prepare for drool. Add some fun jewelry (nothing that will be in too close proximity to the sequined top, though) and killer shoes.
4. Concert Stand out from the crowd (surfers) in rockin’ over-the-knee boots and (gasp!) nothing more than your cutest bra underneath this lace number. Throw on a cross-body bag-you won’t have to hold it all night- and a cute hair accessory and prepare to get out yer seat and jump around!

What do you think, dear readers? Would you ever think to buy this crazy top?
Let us know if you need some styling tips for a unique piece you saw/own. We’d be happy to help!
xoxo, sally