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Vintage Clothing Online Store Monstervintage.Com  Trade Mark, LLC
Seller Ready to Retire!! Time To Deal !!
Seller’s Asking Price: $350,000

Business Summary
Monster Vintage was established in 1995 and launched the online clothing store in 1998. And has sold over a million dollars of vintage clothing successfully with a 100% reputation!. American made New or Vintage Clothing, accessories for men, women and collectibles. Monster Vintage started out supplying vintage clothing stores in Japan and still has a customer base in Japan and collector contacts for export, import.

(The website is PCI compliant. In addition owns domains names like,,, Brand new website built with HTML5 technologies, featuring a new look-and-feel with strong branding. Retina/high-definition and mobile-ready, with social network integration and search engine optimization. Inventory management with vintage-tailored, system-enforced publication workflows for fast and consistent product entry. Inventory can be search by keywords or the automatically generated SKU. Product images can be uploaded per-product via a browser or in bulk with the Mac desktop app. Flexible categorization and keyword organization of products. Newsletter content and list management with automated bounce monitoring and unsubscribe. Flexible role-based authentication/authorization powered by popular, robust and actively developed open source libraries. Customer login area w/ order histories and option to store billing details in system for easy return orders. Automated unit, functional (~75% test coverage) and integration tests (~63% test coverage). The new database began development in 2010. The managing software and design was built with all the latest up-to-date technology, search engine performance and compatible direct integration with all mobile devices. All self updating that does not require an IT tech to manage the website daily operations. Fifteen years of internet retail sales knowledge has gone into the design and layout of the new software, from search engine friendly to customer service. Technical computer expertise is not necessary to manage this fabulous website or software. Reliable and consistent income that is low maintenance. Launching 2014.

To Preview the New Website Design: >> More Domains:

          Included (Website Inventory)     $ 500,000                   
          Included  Inventory (Not on website)   $ 500,000.00

Facilities: is a Trademarked name. eCommerce business can be relocated to any place in the world with internet and postal services. Business can be purchased with or without the 5000 sq ft building, warehouse, nice offices, 2 kitchens and more with storage and parking in a gated secure 1/4 acre commercial yard in Southern Oregon. 2500 sq ft of quality living space. All  I-MAC’ s Computers, full photo studio, Trade Mark Names Domain names, Industrial Sewing Machines, Forklift, Specialty Washing Machines…Too Much to List.
Competition: is one of the oldest Vintage Clothing websites online and has a 100% reputation! Search engines world wide with a 100% relevancy: natural hits without Google Adwords or other paid for advertisement. Traffic can be easily increased with the right energetic and enthused person or work force to market the site and other domains names like http:www.VintageBlog.Com A Trade Mark Name.
Growth & Expansion:
Extensive Inventory of Vintage Cothing and Accessories Pros: Business can run from any location. 100% Relevancy Throughout the Internet over 15 years & known World Wide. Rare Ebay Member Name MonsterVintage.Com since 1998 holds 100% Rating. Software platform can adapt to any product new or used. Open storefront, wholesaler, export Many Domain names are included & with more development can produce big revenues in advertising and generate high volumes of web traffic., and others.
Upon Request
Support & Training:
Training and transition support can be provided by the present owner to the buyer with additional consideration.
Reason for Selling:
The owner is ready to retire after twenty years. Needs New Blood !!
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Buy with Or With Out Warehouse ? property valued $195.,000.00
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Victor Petrucci      President
Phone: 503-780-6316

1980’s Australian military men’s camouflage shirt

Camouflage print says a lot about a place.  The way modern camouflage patterns and colors are developed is ingenious while being practical at the same time.  According to our high-powered Internet research skills, Australian camouflage uses analyses from aerial photographs and interprets those photos into disruption patterns and colors to help conceal the wearer in any Australian terrain from bushland to jungle.  We at Monster Vintage do not recommend trying to blend in to any environment using camouflage shirts, especially outside of their place of origin.  These colors certainly would not work in Oregon!  Click here to see more views and sizing information.


Reyn Spooner Pittsburgh Pirates men’s Hawaiian shirt


Show your love of baseball, but not with another jersey or t-shirt!  This vintage Hawaiian shirt, made for the 1979 World Series, is a colorful riot of Pirates images with Hawaiian styling accent so you can represent for the team with a tropical punch.   The winning accent (in our opinion):  The baseball-look coconut buttons!  Click here for more views and sizing information.

1970’s Budweiser beer wall hanger

Before the “Wazzup” and croaking frogs commercials during the Superbowl, Budweiser was a highly visible brand because of its simple red, white, and blue design.   Thousands upon thousands of teenage and young adult males had Budweiser paraphernalia of some kind hanging in their basement bedrooms.  This is a memento from that time.  Great for the beer memorabilia collector in your life!  Click here for more views and dimensions.


1980’s Sun Records tribute t-shirt

Here we have a great tribute to some of the most famous musicians to record with the Sun Records label in Memphis, Tennessee.  The color of the shirt is, appropriately, a bright and sunny yellow.  This label was single-handedly responsible for some of the most popular rock and rockabilly songs of the mid-twentieth century, including “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis, “That’s All Right” by Elvis Presley, “Blue Suede Shoes” by Carl Perkins, and many more.  If anyone wants a great movie moment with a conversation about some of Sun Records’ biggest artists, we recommend Jim Jarmusch’s movie “Mystery Train”, where two music fans can’t agree on whether Elvis or Carl Perkins is better.   The shirt was issued as a tribute in the 1980’s, but the appeal of Sun Records’ discography is timeless!

Click here for more views and sizing information.


1910 Olympia Beer advertisement poster

For the collector of Edwardian advertising or the connoisseur of beer advertising, there’s a little something for everyone in this image.  This demure young lady with her great piles of light brown hair, her fetching big hat, and her delicate dress, while not partaking of beer herself, beckons you to try the beverage with the image of pure Pacific Northwest water in the background.  Off white and rose colors offset with gold lettering.



This image is particularly interesting because of the date.  In 1910, the Temperance movement had picked up a lot of steam and Prohibition was not far off.  The sale of beer and other spirits was outlawed in the state of Washington in 1916 – four years before the rest of the country!  To cope, the Olympia brewery tried to branch into ciders and fruit juices, only to have those efforts foiled by sugar shortages in Europe after the first World War.  It seems hard to imagine now:  A global shortage of sweetener?  Clearly this was in the days before high fructose corn syrup!


We at Monster Vintage hope you’ve enjoyed this miniature history lesson.  Back to the poster:  You can click here for more views of this enchanting piece of advertising history!

1950’s chalkware Marwal Hawaiian girl bust

The 1950’s were a very interesting time, and one of the most interesting events of the decade was when Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959.  Contemporary magazines, fashion, and music all reflected the heightened fascination with Polynesian culture.  More ukuleles were produced in the 1950’s than in any other decade – 9 million!  This decade also saw the birth of the “Tiki” culture.  So it’s fitting that this chalkware bust of a Hawaiian girl with a flower in her hair comes from that time.  Her features are quite accurately sculpted and the contrast between her skin tone and her hibiscus flower is warm and appealing.  The manufacturer is Marwal Inc., a Florida-based producer of collectible busts and figures in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Please go here for more details and views.

1960’s jeweled Kit-Cat Clock

Here’s your chance to own a truly iconic example of American time-telling history!  If you love kitsch for the kitchen, it’s hard to be a jeweled wall clock, especially one with constantly moving parts.  This Kit-Cat Clock not only has the moving eyes and tail, but it is decorated with red and clear Austrian crystals.  The eyes and tail are still in moving order, and the cord is tucked up inside the body of the cat.  The back of the clock says “San Juan Capistrano, CA”, dating the clock to the mid-60’s.  A very wise person once described the motion of the clock in this way:  The eyes go zig and the tail goes zag.  With this clock, you get the zigging and zagging with added sparkle.  Click here for more views and information!


1984 Reno Corvettes gray mesh hat

Are you a fan of classic cars?  Then Reno, Nevada is most likely on your radar as the city where the Hot August Nights show is every year.  But car enthusiasts don’t stop there!  This hat commemorates the 1984 ninth V & T event, in Reno, specifically for Corvettes.   A great item for Corvette lovers and any collector of automotive memorabilia!  Click here for more information.