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April Winds Bring………. Flower Power!
It’s time to pack the heavy winter clothes and move into a colorful lighter wardrobe. Rain jackets, sweaters and for warmer climates flower dresses and shorts.  Get your Vintage on!

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Sale runs from April 8th thru the 15th

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Fun skirts
Halter Top
1970’s polyester
Tropical Flowers



We all love our vintage tee shirts and they somehow end up front and center of our closets.  Tee shirts can make a statement,  a style or just be comfortable to wear.   Simply add a button up shirt for most occasions…it just works!


1980's vote for peace Tee Shirt small

1970's ride american small monster vintage 29186a

1940’s women’s activewear dress in light warm brown

Somewhere between “camel” and “light cinnamon” in color is this efficient, tailored shirtwaister dress.  Made for the “Tom Boy” label by a company called “American Golfer”, this dress tells a little story about what semi-activewear for women looked like in the early to mid 1940’s.  The design grants enough movement for a round of golf, but the details like the patch and flap pockets and the great deco-disc buttons make the design attractive enough to wear off the green as well.  Click here for more views and information.


3 1960’s “AC Tough” spark plug mechanic jackets

Great for getting under the hood or running around in the rain, these three mechanics’ jackets were made to keep dirt and grease off your clothes while putting the word “TOUGH” all over you.  Bold optical black, white, and red print on water-resistant Tyvek. Rare and great look into an aspect of American car culture!  Click here for more views and sizing information.


Reyn Spooner Pittsburgh Pirates men’s Hawaiian shirt


Show your love of baseball, but not with another jersey or t-shirt!  This vintage Hawaiian shirt, made for the 1979 World Series, is a colorful riot of Pirates images with Hawaiian styling accent so you can represent for the team with a tropical punch.   The winning accent (in our opinion):  The baseball-look coconut buttons!  Click here for more views and sizing information.

Red and white hearts and flowers apron

Whoever said that something is “not all hearts and flowers” clearly had not seen this light, airy, and very Valentine-y apron.  We here at Monster Vintage think this is just perfect for entertaining for the most famous February holiday or just anytime you want to look great while serving cookies or cupcakes!  Click here for more views and information.


Sneak Peek – Monstervintage.com’s new Featured Item page

For our faithful blog readers, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of our Featured Item page, which will be part of our site re-design.  In this page, you will see more, higher-resolution images, with easy clicks to like and share our items on a variety of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus).  We hope you enjoy the new look and are excited to give you even more glimpses into our Monster Vintage world!

To preview the new page in the new style, click here:   Ciné Simplex 20th Century-Fox Camera #6

Vintage ringer tee with iron-on “Taxi” TV show photo


As classic TV shows  from the late 1970’s go, Taxi launched the careers of most of its cast members, including Tony Danza, Danny DeVito, and it made Andy Kaufman a household name.  Interestingly, Judd Hirsch is conspicuously absent from this cast photo.  Unmistakable red “ringer” tee makes this a great shirt for anything from flared Levi’s to corduroys.  Added bonus is the sparkling gold glitter lettering to make it abundantly clear what show you love!  Click here for more details and sizing information.

Black 1980’s Bugle Boy nylon parachute pants

Warm up your breakdance moves; the ultimate in early to mid-1980’s style is here.  Seen on many a young adult, often with high top sneakers, nylon jackets, and sometimes even with suspenders and sweaters, these nylon parachute pants are a great reminder of a culture of music and dancing mixed with popular fashion.  Made by none other than Bugle Boy.  More views and sizing information here.



Rare vintage 1962 Seattle World’s Fair t-shirt

Over fifty years later, the Seattle World’s Fair of 1962 continues to fascinate people.  The most famous symbol of the exposition was and is the Space Needle at the heart of Seattle Center, in space-age mid-century architecture, prominently featured on the front of this shirt.  Optimistic, forward-looking images include a fireworks display and the “Century 21 Exposition” symbol.  Classic-cut fitted tee can be paired with jeans, khakis, or shorts and would look pretty smart with a cardigan.   Click here for more views and sizing information.