Ready to Retire! Time To Deal!! MonsterVintage.Com for Sale!!

Portland, OR, Roseburg, Oregon     (Relocatable)     Purchase with or without Building/Warehouse
Vintage Clothing Online Store Monstervintage.Com  Trade Mark, LLC
Seller Ready to Retire!! Time To Deal !!
Seller’s Asking Price: $350,000

Business Summary
Monster Vintage was established in 1995 and launched the online clothing store in 1998. And has sold over a million dollars of vintage clothing successfully with a 100% reputation!. American made New or Vintage Clothing, accessories for men, women and collectibles. Monster Vintage started out supplying vintage clothing stores in Japan and still has a customer base in Japan and collector contacts for export, import.

(The website is PCI compliant. In addition owns domains names like,,, Brand new website built with HTML5 technologies, featuring a new look-and-feel with strong branding. Retina/high-definition and mobile-ready, with social network integration and search engine optimization. Inventory management with vintage-tailored, system-enforced publication workflows for fast and consistent product entry. Inventory can be search by keywords or the automatically generated SKU. Product images can be uploaded per-product via a browser or in bulk with the Mac desktop app. Flexible categorization and keyword organization of products. Newsletter content and list management with automated bounce monitoring and unsubscribe. Flexible role-based authentication/authorization powered by popular, robust and actively developed open source libraries. Customer login area w/ order histories and option to store billing details in system for easy return orders. Automated unit, functional (~75% test coverage) and integration tests (~63% test coverage). The new database began development in 2010. The managing software and design was built with all the latest up-to-date technology, search engine performance and compatible direct integration with all mobile devices. All self updating that does not require an IT tech to manage the website daily operations. Fifteen years of internet retail sales knowledge has gone into the design and layout of the new software, from search engine friendly to customer service. Technical computer expertise is not necessary to manage this fabulous website or software. Reliable and consistent income that is low maintenance. Launching 2014.

To Preview the New Website Design: >> More Domains:

          Included (Website Inventory)     $ 500,000                   
          Included  Inventory (Not on website)   $ 500,000.00

Facilities: is a Trademarked name. eCommerce business can be relocated to any place in the world with internet and postal services. Business can be purchased with or without the 5000 sq ft building, warehouse, nice offices, 2 kitchens and more with storage and parking in a gated secure 1/4 acre commercial yard in Southern Oregon. 2500 sq ft of quality living space. All  I-MAC’ s Computers, full photo studio, Trade Mark Names Domain names, Industrial Sewing Machines, Forklift, Specialty Washing Machines…Too Much to List.
Competition: is one of the oldest Vintage Clothing websites online and has a 100% reputation! Search engines world wide with a 100% relevancy: natural hits without Google Adwords or other paid for advertisement. Traffic can be easily increased with the right energetic and enthused person or work force to market the site and other domains names like http:www.VintageBlog.Com A Trade Mark Name.
Growth & Expansion:
Extensive Inventory of Vintage Cothing and Accessories Pros: Business can run from any location. 100% Relevancy Throughout the Internet over 15 years & known World Wide. Rare Ebay Member Name MonsterVintage.Com since 1998 holds 100% Rating. Software platform can adapt to any product new or used. Open storefront, wholesaler, export Many Domain names are included & with more development can produce big revenues in advertising and generate high volumes of web traffic., and others.
Upon Request
Support & Training:
Training and transition support can be provided by the present owner to the buyer with additional consideration.
Reason for Selling:
The owner is ready to retire after twenty years. Needs New Blood !!
Business Website:

Buy with Or With Out Warehouse ? property valued $195.,000.00
Please Contact For More Info
Victor Petrucci      President
Phone: 503-780-6316

Vintage Sizing FYI

Measuring Tape
Phew! If I have learned anything since I started working for Monster Vintage, it’s that sizing vintage clothing is hard. Super hard. The thing is, sizing is hard enough. While there is somewhat of a standard, designers and clothing manufacturers can call whatever they feel like a “Large.” Throw the fact that people were a lot smaller back in the day into the mix, and you have quite a job on your hands!
Here’s the thing that we should be doing as vintage shoppers: measuring ourselves carefully and thoroughly. Especially if you are shopping online, your own measurements are the most important thing (except maybe how awesome that Scorpion tee really is). You also need to stop and really look at the garment you are drooling over: Is it stretchy? Is it meant to be worn fitted or loose? Is it lined or will I have to wear something underneath? We provide as much information on the matter as possible, because we know how much it sucks to wait for something awesome to come in the mail only to rip the box open and find out it doesn’t fit.

And, of course, we’re here for moral support, so if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us ( or here. No, seriously. We get it all the time. Is this itchy? Can you meaure it again just in case? We even have people call asking us to look for stuff for them for theme parties and gifts and stuff. Go ahead, feel special! That’s what we’re here for!Don’t you feel better already? We’re working on some helpful videos on sizing right now that will talk you through the whole process, top to bottom. In the meantime, just give us a ring! Or a whatever… we miss the sweet sound of your voice!
Sally “Measures Up” Mulligan

A little info for ya!

We get asked a lot if we have online sales and the like. We also get asked if we have an e-mail list/newsletter.
Yes and yes!
We have an e-mail list which happens to be exactly the place you can find out about sales we have on the site!
You can also follow us on facebook and twitter for more info about sales. More info in general, really. There are often different sales offered on those social networks, so why don’t you just stay ahead of the curve and keep up with all three? Sound good?
See you on the internet, lovies!
Sally “Social Butterfly” Mulligan

This weekend in Portland

This weekend my (very lucky!) boss had the opportunity to go to Portland’s Antiques and Collectibles Show at the Expo Center. It’s a very cool event, with no shortage of piles to dig through and goodies to look at. See for yourself!

(click images to enlarge)

Looks like they had just about every imaginable thing.
You can be jealous. I know I am!