35% Thanks Secret Sale Thanksgiving 2014

Shopping Sales ,Super Sales ,Pr-Sales ,Early Sales, Late Sales, Coupon Sales….where do you start? Stay up late or rise before dawn? Sounds like the lyrics of the Clash hit song “Should I Stay or Should I Go”.

http://monstervintage.com is here to offer you ease of shopping online to jump into this 2014 Holiday Season.

Just type in MONSTER at checkout and you can get a 35% Discount.

11/26/2014 – 12/01/2014 Thursday thru Sunday!


*Some items are excluded but we’re always open to offers, Langltiz Leathers excluded.

Friends @ Monster Vintage

How to be Happy!

10 rules to happiness:
1. Surround yourself by happy people
2. Find your purpose
3. Do what you love
4. Appreciate everything you have
5. Dance in the rain
6. Help others
7. Exercise
8. Get enough sleep
9. Treat others as you want to be treated
10. Dress in cool American made VINTAGE Clothing 🙂 🙂