1970’s women’s fleece-lined leather and suede boots


Whether you’re wearing a wrap-around skirt or jeans or corduroys,  these two-tone suede and leather boots go with many looks.  Lined in warm fleece, these pull on to put the finishing touch on your outfit.  This style of boot was incredibly popular in the mid- to late 1970’s, almost always in warm colors and was often part of an a-line or very “together” feminine silhouette that was still casual.  Think of Pam Dawber from Mork and Mindy.  More views and sizing information available here.

All-leather 1970’s women’s blazer jacket

The very definition of comfortable, cool, and classic:  Fitted women’s blazer-style leather jacket sums up the versatility of 1970’s clothing.  This can easily be paired with corduroys or an A-line long skirt, worn with clogs or knee-high boots.  For those really committed to the 70’s look, try layering with a loose-collar turtleneck sweater.  Endless possibilities await you!  More views and information here:


Rare vintage 1962 Seattle World’s Fair t-shirt

Over fifty years later, the Seattle World’s Fair of 1962 continues to fascinate people.  The most famous symbol of the exposition was and is the Space Needle at the heart of Seattle Center, in space-age mid-century architecture, prominently featured on the front of this shirt.  Optimistic, forward-looking images include a fireworks display and the “Century 21 Exposition” symbol.  Classic-cut fitted tee can be paired with jeans, khakis, or shorts and would look pretty smart with a cardigan.   Click here for more views and sizing information.

1980’s “Polo” Ralph Lauren reindeer turtleneck

For a designer take on the classic winter theme, we present this 1980’s Polo by Ralph Lauren navy turtleneck with snowflake and reindeer motif on a dark blue background, all in hand-knit wool.   The colors play off each other:  There are white snowflakes and dark maroon shapes against the dark blue, and there are dark blue and dark maroon snowflakes on the white background.  The turtleneck is a ribbed, rolled collar and the sleeves end in white ribbed cuffs.  Smart and stylish for the wintertime!  Click here for more views and information.

Leatherman “Micra” mini-tool knife

Yet another fine product from Oregon!  Great for that handy person in your life and portable too, this small and versatile Leatherman utility knife measures 2.5″ (approximately 6.35 centimeters) and has ten functions, including three types of screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener, nail file, and tweezers.  The name of the product and company are clearly engraved on the side so you know you have a Leatherman ready to help you.  Click here for more item details.

Rare white 1960’s Langlitz Leathers motorcycle jacket and pants

Made by Portland-based Langlitz Leathers, this is a hard-to-find set of white leather motorcycle jacket and pants.  This family-owned business was started in 1947 by a motorcycle enthusiast and glove-maker who was unhappy with the poor fit of mass-produced jackets.  Thanks to this, Langlitz pieces are individualized pieces made for individual clients and are truly unique.  On top of that, this set is in white and features the “Columbia”-style jacket:   Asymmetrical brass zipper closures with wide fold-over collar,  numerous pockets (please see detailed photos for views), including sleeves that conform to the wearer’s arms.  The jacket and pants are both lined and have adjustable and lace-up features to ensure a good fit, as well as zippers to accommodate boots.  A stunning piece of motorcycle wear and a little piece of one-of-a-kind Portland history!  Please click here for all sizing and photographs.

1970’s women’s “Young Pendleton” virgin wool shirt-jac


From Pendleton’s misses’ line introduced in the 70’s, this shirt jacket pairs the timeless colors  of black, red, cream, and yellow with a multi-directional plaid in a decidedly feminine silhouette.  Features 70’s style “swallow’s tail” collar,  black buttons, and loops for a belt.   Made of all-virgin wool from all-Oregon sheep in the eastern part of this fair state!  Click here for more details and sizing information.

1970’s Life Savers candy-print flat bed sheet

Ah, the five flavors of Life Savers.  The round shape, the bright colors, the sugared sweetness that taught so many of us to think of red as cherry flavor or green as lime flavor.  These candies come in more complex assortments nowadays, but this flat sheet harkens back to an era when things were simpler.  Optically fun and cheerful, primary and secondary colors against white background can be mixed and matched with other bedding.   More views and details here.

1960’s sequin-decorated H Bar C black gabardine shirt

Get ready to impress in this rare and stunning combination of stark black and white contrasts.  Somewhere between Hank Williams and Marty Robbins,  this classic Western-cut black gabardine shirt with pearl snaps and sawtooth tab pockets meets just a bit of sequin and bead ornamentation where it counts, and then, the finale:  White fringe down the sleeves.  Have your encore ready.  They’ll be hollering for it!  More views and details here.

1950’s red and charcoal women’s plaid blazer

Coming straight to you from the late 1950’s, this smartly tailored and plaid-bedecked dark gray women’s blazer-style jacket packs a big color wallop while retaining an air of matter-of-factness and efficiency.   Wool fabric is complemented by leather trim at the collar, down the center front, and on the diagonal flap hip and chest pockets, as well as on the matching buttons.  Great for coordinating with pants or a skirt and appropriate for a variety of functions!  More photos and information here.