1970’s pink ruffled men’s tuxedo shirt

Every decade has its iconic styles, things so unmistakable that they immediately take you back to a moment when you were so taken with that style that you could not imagine a time when you wouldn’t look that way.  The seventies gave us a few of these instantly recognizable styles, and this is one of those:  The ruffled men’s tuxedo shirt.  Men’s fashion is so staid, so stoic, so solid most of the time, that the almost frivolous effect of rows of ruffles is downright poetic.  It’s an oasis of fun in an otherwise long stretch of fashion in the previous decades, with limited exception, that said menswear has to be boxy and to the point.  This shirt wants you to have fun.   Made by L & M Fashions  in a cotton blend. Rare, in a blush pink color, with ruffles not only from the pointed collar down the front, but also at the cuffs.  For added oomph, the ruffles are edged in black thread.   Wear this to a formal.  Wear it to a party.  Heck, wear it to the office.  This is undiluted fun fashion.    Click here for more views and sizing information.