Silver 1950’s vanity set with extra compact

This is such an evocative set of items.  It conjures up pictures of a girl or woman, sitting at her vanity table, carefully brushing out her hair with the soft-bristled brush.  One hundred brush strokes to ensure beautiful hair!  She would use the hand-held mirror to inspect her hair from every angle by reflecting light off a bigger mirror on her vanity table or dresser.  To precisely guide curls into place, she would use the comb.  A vanity set like this would have been very important in a time when women’s hairstyles were set with curlers and had to stay for longer than modern wash-and-go styles.  The original set is three pieces:  brush, comb, and mirror.  There is an extra item, a little silver compact, that is not original to the set, but is definitely practical.  Please click here to see more views and other information: