1970’s amber leather American Tourister travel bag

We present one of the best-known brands in luggage from the 1970’s:  American Tourister.  These bags were amazingly popular.  This leather piece survives in great condition and is a good example of why recent bag designs have borrowed so much from this style of bag:  The shape, the large interior compartment and smaller exterior pocket, the warm golden amber yellow color, the hardware…from 1975 to the present, we have here classic form and function.  You can’t literally time travel, but you can own a little time capsule.  Click here for more views and bag dimensions.


One-size multicolored worry doll belt

Clever and cute combination of Guatemalan “worry dolls” and a folksy, festive striped woven belt.  Worry dolls are said to remove worries and cares from the person who tells their worries to the doll and then goes to sleep with the doll under their pillow.  How that translates to the belt is unclear.  Slightly different from the “standard” worry dolls popular in the United States in the 1990’s, these worry dolls are bigger and stand out from the belt without being too conspicuous.  A truly unique accessory in very vibrant hues!  Click here for more sizing information and views.



1960’s mauve Western majorette boots

You don’t have to be a cowgirl or a majorette to love the kick in these low boots, made with two shades of dusty rose and mauve with a little shot of white stitching and a darker piping in plum purple.   Very versatile for almost any outfit; click here for more views and sizing information.