1960’s leopard print women’s brimmed hat

Bring the savannah to the city in this structured and stylish faux leopard brimmed pillbox in warm tones.  Gold-colored and adorned with a band of deep brown ribbon, this was made by Mr. John Sophisticate of New York and Paris.  Perfect for slinking or sophisticated sashaying around while protecting eyes, face, and hair from the elements!  Click here for more views and information.

1950’s gray Michaels-Stern Rochester men’s suit

Reporting in from the snazzy menswear front, we have this lightweight gray wool suit with pleats and cuffs right where they belonged in the early 1950’s.  This smart outfit was made by Michaels-Stern Rochester for Maier & Krier in The Dalles, Oregon.    Great double-breasted cut on the jacket and angled lapels in jaunty mid-century styling!  This ensemble is just begging for a smart hat, but we leave that choice up to your imagination.  Click here for more views and details.


Rare 1940’s off-white acetate satin and net gown

One look at this dress and you’ll be hearing strains of soft songs by Irving Berlin and Tommy Dorsey.  Pairing the gentle sheen of satiny acetate with a voluminous double-net skirt, this formal gown exudes 1940’s charm and beauty.  From the center gathers to the sweetheart neckline to the slightly padded shoulders (and we mean slightly, daintily), this piece is already a vision, but wait!  There’s more.  Adorning the net skirt are several gold sequin butterflies.   Like them, you can make the entrance of a lifetime and set tongues a-wagging and hearts a-pounding.   Now’s your chance!

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Rare 1970’s Kermit the Frog t-shirt

“It’s not easy being green,” sang the frog loved by millions.  That may be true, but you can show your love for Jim Henson’s biggest star in a light brown ringer-style women’s tee with accents in golden yellow and warm brown.  You’ll be humming “Rainbow Connection” in no time in this unique piece!  Click here for more views and details.


1970’s men’s watercolor print disco shirt

Another one of our recently-added items is this lively print shirt from the era that brought you disco and The Love Boat.  This men’s shirt is decorated in a vibrant, watercolor-like print with a sailboat motif.  Why list such an item as the weather turns colder in most of the northern U.S.?  Because it’s a great time to look back at summery colors like red, green, and purple, and to remember:  it’s not cold and rainy everywhere!   Click here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s women’s trench coat with suede accents

For a snazzy Western take on the tried and true trench coat, this piece by Margaret Godfrey for the Fox Run label doesn’t disappoint.  For visual contrast aplenty, the shoulders and cuffs of this women’s coat are accented with a warm gingery brown suede.  The khaki fabric is particularly striking against the diagonal line on the sleeve and the rounded tab of the swallow-tail collar.  Dates late 1960’s, mini-length skirt section on the coat.  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1980’s Sun Records tribute t-shirt

Here we have a great tribute to some of the most famous musicians to record with the Sun Records label in Memphis, Tennessee.  The color of the shirt is, appropriately, a bright and sunny yellow.  This label was single-handedly responsible for some of the most popular rock and rockabilly songs of the mid-twentieth century, including “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis, “That’s All Right” by Elvis Presley, “Blue Suede Shoes” by Carl Perkins, and many more.  If anyone wants a great movie moment with a conversation about some of Sun Records’ biggest artists, we recommend Jim Jarmusch’s movie “Mystery Train”, where two music fans can’t agree on whether Elvis or Carl Perkins is better.   The shirt was issued as a tribute in the 1980’s, but the appeal of Sun Records’ discography is timeless!

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Silver 1950’s vanity set with extra compact

This is such an evocative set of items.  It conjures up pictures of a girl or woman, sitting at her vanity table, carefully brushing out her hair with the soft-bristled brush.  One hundred brush strokes to ensure beautiful hair!  She would use the hand-held mirror to inspect her hair from every angle by reflecting light off a bigger mirror on her vanity table or dresser.  To precisely guide curls into place, she would use the comb.  A vanity set like this would have been very important in a time when women’s hairstyles were set with curlers and had to stay for longer than modern wash-and-go styles.  The original set is three pieces:  brush, comb, and mirror.  There is an extra item, a little silver compact, that is not original to the set, but is definitely practical.  Please click here to see more views and other information: