1980’s Sun Records tribute t-shirt

Here we have a great tribute to some of the most famous musicians to record with the Sun Records label in Memphis, Tennessee.  The color of the shirt is, appropriately, a bright and sunny yellow.  This label was single-handedly responsible for some of the most popular rock and rockabilly songs of the mid-twentieth century, including “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis, “That’s All Right” by Elvis Presley, “Blue Suede Shoes” by Carl Perkins, and many more.  If anyone wants a great movie moment with a conversation about some of Sun Records’ biggest artists, we recommend Jim Jarmusch’s movie “Mystery Train”, where two music fans can’t agree on whether Elvis or Carl Perkins is better.   The shirt was issued as a tribute in the 1980’s, but the appeal of Sun Records’ discography is timeless!

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