1960’s Pendleton men’s shirt-jac

In deep autumn colors, both blue-toned grays and brickish reds with some curried gold thrown in, this unlined shirt-jac is a structured, yet jaunty with its angled and straight-set snap pockets.  Great for casual occasions where you want a rich autumnal palette of hues to distract you from the cloudy weather…and stand out against the crunchy, leafy landscape.  Made of all virgin wool and using quality craftsmanship, this is yet another testament to the Pendleton – and Oregon – contribution to twentieth century fashion!  Click here for views and sizing.

Pendleton fact:  Early Pendleton shirts were not made in fashionable colors.  They were for function only and, as such, they were not made in hues other than neutrals like gray.   By the time this item was made, they had obviously realized the appeal of non-drab tones!