1960’s green boucle Pendleton women’s coat

This is part of our spotlight on Oregon-made apparel, also known as Pendleton on Parade!

Although Pendleton wool comes from sheep in the more rural high desert of eastern Oregon, this green boucle coat is urban-ready!  Made in a medium-light yellowed green, it is the color of pea soup…perfect to keep away the chill or the thick fog.  Subtle nubby texture,  warm-toned cream wood-grain buttons, and golden acetate lining bring sixties flair to you!   Click here for more views and sizing information.


Fun fact:  The Pendleton company first introduced women’s apparel in 1949.  By the time this coat was produced, it would have been a fairly “new” item.  As established as the Pendleton label is now for women’s jackets, shirts, and skirts, this is hard to imagine!