1970’s “Young Pendleton” plaid skirt

How did the 1970’s interpret the plaid wool Pendleton skirt?  They made it longer, not pleated, and decidedly A-line.  This piece is an example of the “Young Pendleton” line, made in virgin wool, in several demure colors:  tan-cream, varying shades of blue, varying shades of maroon, and even a little purple for good measure.   Buttons down the front with maroon buttons.  Could be worn with a cowl-neck sweater, a rich-fabric blazer with a romantic blouse, or many other ways, and would go surprisingly well with that must-have mid- to late-70’s accessory:  The knee-high boot!   Click here for sizing and details.




1960’s men’s wool Pendleton coat

Face the elements with confidence in this smart 1960’s men’s coat in a fetching warm curry brown color.  This wool coat is fastened with one small collar button and four larger  buttons in brown and features jaunty, dynamic visual design such as slash pockets and slightly curving lines.  Fully lined in satiny quilted fabric.  Another quality piece from Oregon’s own Pendleton company, with wool from Oregon sheep, with a style that translates to anywhere!  Click here for more views and sizing information.


Rare 1980’s women’s black Wellmore sweater

Pieces like this don’t often come along.   Exquisitely hand-loomed and hand-crocheted in black, this Wellmore sweater may have been a sample piece, thus making it even more unusual.  The bodice front is a subtle bateau-neck sweater with full-length sleeves edged in hand-crocheted lace.  That’s all well and good, but when you turn the piece around you see the real surprise:  The semi-sheer back in a uniform and hand-crocheted mesh of black.  It’s understated yet grand, of its time and timeless in the same instant.  Garments from this label sold at Neiman Marcus for hundreds of dollars when new.  We invite you to see more of this piece for yourself here.


Gold-tone Coca Cola cufflinks

Yes, you read it correctly.  These are not brown or made of soft drink ingredients; they are collectible 1960’s Coca Cola cufflinks, still waiting to be worn, in their original cufflink case.  There are three large and three small cufflinks in gold-tone metal, for extra shine…and so you always have a spare.   Very interesting addition to the collection of the Coca Cola or the cufflink fan!  Click here for more views and information.


Magma-colored crushed velvet 1970’s bedspread

Tired of reserved colors in your bedroom color scheme?  Sick of looking at the same old safari sand scheme?  Got the country blue blues?  Does your boudoir look more like Aunt Mabel’s Bed and Breakfast, all done up in pink and yellow?  Maybe you can heat up the palette with this vivid red-orange crushed velvet bedspread.  It is a fiery, volatile red, like molten rock from the caldera of Kilauea, with surface ornamentation and fringe trim for letting the color scintillate over the edges, like so much lava.  Even if you’re saving on your heating bill this winter, the sight of this glowing color will transport you to a comfortably cozy place!  Added bonus:  No airfare and no actual risk of physical injury.  Crafted from cotton-poly blend fabric.  Click here for more views and sizing dimensions.




Raw silk Asian-print tablecloth

Daintily embroidered with dragons and abstract medallion motifs, this Asian tablecloth is made in soft, lightweight raw silk.   Standing out against the off-white background, the embroidery is in varying colors of blue, red, yellow, greens, and pink to go with a variety of color schemes in your home.  Click here for views and sizing information!


1950’s / 1960’s cropped gold Asian jacket

Fitted and swanky gold satin Asian-print women’s short jacket, bolero length depending on the length of one’s torso.  Great for wearing with any fitted-bodice dress, whether fitted or full-skirted, or as a complement to a solid skirt or other pants.  Closes with frog buttons, slight flare to sleeves, round collar.  Add some Occidental glow to your ensemble!   Click here for views and details.

1950’s plaid “Scotty Shop” men’s vest

Yet another fine piece of menswear from north of the border.  This time we have a medium-light blue ground with green, yellow-green, and red plaid in a fine wool.  As evidence of the vest’s age and an indicator of its origin, it bears a Scotty dog tag with the words “The Scotty Shop, Ltd” and “Vancouver, B.C”.   Click here for views and sizing!