1910 Olympia Beer advertisement poster

For the collector of Edwardian advertising or the connoisseur of beer advertising, there’s a little something for everyone in this image.  This demure young lady with her great piles of light brown hair, her fetching big hat, and her delicate dress, while not partaking of beer herself, beckons you to try the beverage with the image of pure Pacific Northwest water in the background.  Off white and rose colors offset with gold lettering.



This image is particularly interesting because of the date.  In 1910, the Temperance movement had picked up a lot of steam and Prohibition was not far off.  The sale of beer and other spirits was outlawed in the state of Washington in 1916 – four years before the rest of the country!  To cope, the Olympia brewery tried to branch into ciders and fruit juices, only to have those efforts foiled by sugar shortages in Europe after the first World War.  It seems hard to imagine now:  A global shortage of sweetener?  Clearly this was in the days before high fructose corn syrup!


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