1950’s striped pillow ticking fabric

Are you handy with a sewing machine?  A great use of vintage fabrics is making new things out of hard-to-find materials.  We have here several pieces of differing sizes, stripes, and weights in striped pillow ticking fabric, which can be used not only for making pillows, but also for comforters, duvets, for embroidering, and plenty of other things around the house!  Because the pieces vary in size, please go here for more information.



Black dyed lamb men’s hat

Originally made with materials from Argentina, constructed in Sweden, and purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue, this dyed lamb hat has traveled many miles and years and remains in great condition!  It will keep the cold off your head, and there are also ear flaps for those really biting winds.  Click here for sizing and other views!


Small tooled yellow leather purse

If you like tooled leather purses but don’t like the large size of a lot of pieces out there, we have a perfect solution:  This small, rounded yellow purse in shades of topaz to orange and a slightly green yellow makes a great accessory without taking up too much room.  Accented with tooled flowers and heavy black leather stitches, these colors of this purse go well with the warm yellow-based colors of Fall/Winter 2012. Please click here for more sizing and information.


Blue and gray paneled men’s cardigan

Ah, the structured cut of the 1960’s, in the last days of the early TV dads.  Always portrayed as knowing and stern, but with good reason, they took their leisure time seriously.  This is that kind of cardigan, after a long week of wearing a suit at the office, that let the man say, “I’m off work, but I’m not a complete layabout.”  This particular piece is in blue knit with darker-blue vertical accents and suede panels in gray.  The finishing touch?  Gray suede buttons! More views and sizing information available here.


1960’s Guatemalan women’s poncho

For warmth and for the pretty purple pattern on this cotton-acrylic poncho from the 60’s, you can’t go wrong!  The cool tones of white and varied purples are complemented by zigzags of black.  Featuring slits for your hands so you can decide how much heat to keep during chillier weather, this poncho will keep you cute and cozy.  Click here for more views and sizing.


1980’s women’s Black Hills metals belt

Belts are the thing for Fall/Winter 2012.  The emphasis is on the waist for women’s fashions!  If you want to put a nice, shiny accent on your waist but aren’t really into those wide, uniformly-colored belts in the stores and the magazines, this Black Hills metals belt has the perfect way to do that.  Thin belts in understated colors are a great fashion aid for people who are not tall, or are short-waisted and don’t want to break up their vertical lines with a broad band of loud color.  The metals are mostly warm colors – from gold to a rosy brown – are contrasted with a cooler silver tone.  Click here for more views and sizing information.

1970’s cream-colored men’s cardigan

Whether you’re taking a brisk walk in the autumn chill, laughing with friends and seeing your breath, or just relaxing at home or work or school, this soft cream-colored cardigan with warm brown buttons will help you do any of your chosen activities in style and comfort.  Made by Monarch, this is a classic 1970’s take on the old cardigan style by adding the generously-proportioned collar.    Click here for more views and sizing information.

1960’s/1970’s Nordstrom dress suit set

Such stunning structure!  We here at Monster Vintage haven’t invoked the M-M words for a long time, but it’s impossible to resist.  If this doesn’t impart to you the striking patterns and impeccable shapes of the career women of  Mad Men from the most recent seasons, we don’t know what will.  Abstract running pattern of dots and bars in dark autumn colors shot through with some white for contrast, this very smart set is comprised of two pieces:  The structured dress and the structured jacket.   Each is a stand-alone piece, but they are tailored so concisely, they practically sing a duet of late Mod style.  Listen!  Can you hear it?