Pendleton plaid wool skirt

It’s very hard to look at such a classic plaid skirt and not think of the Audrey Horne character in the classic show Twin Peaks.  Although Audrey’s skirts were more often wine-colored, almost all the women of Twin Peaks wore some configuration of plaids and tartans; it was an expression of the Pacific Northwest and the woods and people who made their living by logging…although none of the characters were lumberjacks!  Whatever the meaning of the show’s distinctive wardrobe, the plaid skirt reminds fans of this show of Audrey, dreamily dancing in the diner, trying to catch the eye of Agent Cooper, and just being all-around mysterious.  Like so many people in Twin Peaks, she was full of secrets.  This skirt, however, is very straightforward:  Full of timeless style.

Saddle shoes not included.

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