Star Trek: The Next Generation bath towel set

For the Trekkie or Trekker or any other name for Star Trek:  The Next Generation fan, we present this addition to your collection.  Printed in bold primary and secondary colors on a white background, you see the Enterprise, along with some other spacecraft and some very swirly planets.  Click here for views and dimensions of the towel and washcloth.

1960’s jeweled Kit-Cat Clock

Here’s your chance to own a truly iconic example of American time-telling history!  If you love kitsch for the kitchen, it’s hard to be a jeweled wall clock, especially one with constantly moving parts.  This Kit-Cat Clock not only has the moving eyes and tail, but it is decorated with red and clear Austrian crystals.  The eyes and tail are still in moving order, and the cord is tucked up inside the body of the cat.  The back of the clock says “San Juan Capistrano, CA”, dating the clock to the mid-60’s.  A very wise person once described the motion of the clock in this way:  The eyes go zig and the tail goes zag.  With this clock, you get the zigging and zagging with added sparkle.  Click here for more views and information!


Vintage silver men’s/unisex “Pearl Mystic” turquoise ring

This ring has weight to it.  It has significance.  It’s not just a dainty filigree thing!  When you wear this ring, you mean it.  That’s not to say this ring isn’t complex, because it is:  Atop the wide ring-band, there are details – we have two rows of twisted, rope-like detail, then some almost floral-looking embellishment on either side of the stone mounting.  And then there’s the stone, a moderately green-toned turquoise, to top it all off.  For the collector of rings or the lover of turquoise, click here for more views and details.

1960’s men’s Pendleton wool blazer

The first word that came to mind upon seeing this blazer was “snazzy”, but we’ll leave it to you to find your own adjectives.  What we can fairly and objectively state is that this wool Pendleton blazer combines the fine Oregon tradition of making high-quality garments out of wool, and that this is a very foresty, verdant yellowish-green that we’ll call “moss” with a check pattern in a darker shade of green.  The finishing touch are the little gold-tone buttons with sheep’s head motifs!   Click here for more sizing and views!

1960’s tapered-leg men’s plaid check pants

Because fashion colors come and go in so many combinations, we present these light blue pants with a plaid-contrast of dark brown and gold.  All three of these colors are back on the fashion magazine pages in varying combinations and often in big areas of color, but these pants show that you can get a surprising harmony when you put them all together, like friends or neighbors.  Click here for sizing and more views!




1950’s Sears chocolate brown pedal pushers

Harkening back to a time when women and girls were not allowed to wear any kind of pants to school, church, or other social functions, the pedal pushers were a definite garment for weekends and summertime.  While some pedal pushers are fitted to the leg, these are more nipped in at the waist with a wider leg; they could even look like a skirt.  Finished with contrasting white stitching, buttoned at the side in true 1950’s fashion, and made for that all-American institution, Sears!  More views and sizing here.