Rare hot pink men’s quilted Japanese cartoon vest

Everybody has a different name for this vivid shade of pink.  I call it “hot pink”.  Schiaparelli had a similar color called “shocking pink”.  The important thing is, we have here a very brilliant pink quilted cotton-like vest with the word “Syobenkozo” on it, edged and lined in a fun fur.  Not only the brilliant color, but the print stands out.  You can see mischievous boys doing mischievous things with lower-case sentences reflecting on the mischievous nature of children and boys.  Some of these sentences are pretty clear, while some are a bit more cryptic:  The children played a trick on the oldman.  It’s left to your imagination to decide if that included ringing the doorbell and running, egging the house, hiding something valuable, or whatever pranks were popular in the 80’s in Japan.  Although the vest seems to be cut for men, due to the size and color, it could easily double as a women’s garment, but we here are Monster Vintage think it’s always a nice shot in the arm to see a man’s garment in such a lively color.  There are many more views of this great vest.  Click here to see them and for sizing information!