1960’s Jimmy Chen custom-made patterned shirt

This shirt is shrouded in mystery.  Who was Jimmy Chen, and did he make a lot of custom shirts in Hong Kong?  The tags in this garment alone will give your imagination a workout.  If that’s not your thing, we present the shirt itself.  It features a regular, small pattern in a light salmony beige color:  Diamonds, and diamonds in diamonds.  Salmony beige, gold, white.  It’s subtle, it’s lightweight, it’s casual.  Click here for more information.



Final note:  Jimmy Chen is still in business in Hong Kong!


Ruffle-necked 1960’s white women’s blouse

Are you a fan of the ruffles?  Have a look at this piece here.  It has one of the ruffliest accents I’ve ever laid eyes on.  The ruffles are made of a fine, shirred, see-through fabric to really stand out from the blouse itself.  For even more visual interest, the sleeves are done in a sheer fabric.  If you’re looking for a distinctive, romantic, fun  blouse for multiple occasions, look no further than here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s metallic evening coat and dress set

This dress and evening coat set looks like it’s been charged by lightning in silver, white, and complements of icy blue.  It brings to mind a lot of impactful words, like “zing” and “zap” and any other space-age lingo you want to use.  I had to share this because it’s just so dynamic…and shiny.  This is a really good example of what metallic fabrics could be in eveningwear in the 1960’s.  But it doesn’t stop at the structural evening coat!  Oh no!  You can leave the dazzling coat at the coat check and make a completely different impression in the scoop-necked, low-backed fitted dress.  When I saw this, I pictured one of those very smooth 60’s updos the women in movies and TV shows (yes, including Mad Men) always somehow seem to have, and then the makeup emphasizes the eyes more than the lips.  Who needs bright lipstick?  It cannot possibly compete with this dress! (NOTE:  Jacket view only.  Click here for other views.)

As much as this dress has going on with it, rest assured that the dress does not wear you; rather,  you coexist with it in a vibrant, electric harmony.

Rare Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Bespin fatigue jacket

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this one!

If you know die-hard Star Wars fans like I do, you know how detailed their knowledge of the films is, especially the Star Wars>Empire Strikes Back>Return of the Jedi.  Now that I’m done showing my age, let me point out some important details.  What we have here is a sand-colored replica of the Bespin fatigues from the Empire Strikes Back.  There is also a collectible poseable Luke Skywalker figure issued at the time, so anyone who was collecting the figures at the time would recognize the jacket immediately as part of the Rebel uniform.  The color is important; not just because it would be good for camouflage, but because the Rebels are often associated with “natural” tones and the strong and dark colors are reserved for the Empire.  Without spoiling the movie for those readers who have not watched it, Luke Skywalker wears this costume during some very significant moments in the film!

Click here for more sizing information and views!

1970’s honey-wheat sleeveless women’s top

Contrary to popular belief, the late 60’s and early 70’s were not all about gypsy tops or really busy floral patterns in fluorescent colors.  This feminine top is in a simple, timeless cut in a warm and subdued honeyed wheat linen weave fabric.  It would be perfect for work or for dressing up some jeans. Click here for more sizing information.

1970’s gray herringbone fedora

Everywhere you look these days, there are hats!  Shops in trendy districts and shops in the mall, selling everything from Panama hats to fedoras to mesh trucker hats; there’s something for every hat lover. They’ve come back with a vengeance as an accessory for men, and also women.  This men’s hat features cool tones with a dash of mustard color in the classic herringbone pattern.    Click here for more views and sizing information.