1960’s Mika box purse with Victorian scene

I’ve seen box purses , but this is a really interesting take on such a mid-century style of purse.   We have here a Victorian  scene with a lot of information.  It looks like Father is sitting in front of a scenic backdrop to have his photograph made while Mother and Daughter look on from the doorway.  Mother is looking pretty and friendly in her hat, and Daughter looking around as she takes a break from playing with her metal hoop.  The photographer’s studio walls are adorned with pictures of other people who have had their picture taken and then, if you look to his right, you see what looks like one of those silhouette pictures of the photographer plying his trade.  The whole thing is fastened with a silver-tone twist clasp.    To see the green velvety lining and mirror inside, as well as other views of this unique piece, please click here.