1960’s metallic evening coat and dress set

This dress and evening coat set looks like it’s been charged by lightning in silver, white, and complements of icy blue.  It brings to mind a lot of impactful words, like “zing” and “zap” and any other space-age lingo you want to use.  I had to share this because it’s just so dynamic…and shiny.  This is a really good example of what metallic fabrics could be in eveningwear in the 1960’s.  But it doesn’t stop at the structural evening coat!  Oh no!  You can leave the dazzling coat at the coat check and make a completely different impression in the scoop-necked, low-backed fitted dress.  When I saw this, I pictured one of those very smooth 60’s updos the women in movies and TV shows (yes, including Mad Men) always somehow seem to have, and then the makeup emphasizes the eyes more than the lips.  Who needs bright lipstick?  It cannot possibly compete with this dress! (NOTE:  Jacket view only.  Click here for other views.)

As much as this dress has going on with it, rest assured that the dress does not wear you; rather,  you coexist with it in a vibrant, electric harmony.