Duofold red one-piece men’s pajamas

What on Earth, you may be wondering, are these Duofold pajamas doing up here in the middle of summer, especially in that vivid wintery red?  Unusually hot temperatures, droughts…the last thing you may have expected here is to see such a full-coverage garment.  And yet, it’s never too late to prepare for the inevitable return of colder weather. Even if you can’t beat the heat without going to the freezer section of the supermarket, these pajamas could remind you in mid-December of how unbearable July was.  And we at Monster Vintage will have helped make that happen.   Click here for sizing and more pictures.



Late 70’s/early 80’s violet-magenta belted dress

Rich, jewel tones up your alley?  Like some tropical twist to your look?  Cast your eyes upon this.   This simple-cut v-neck dress in a violet magenta with a darker blue-violet print is complemented by gold-tone piping at the waist and neckline.  To complete the silhouette, this dress still has its self-fabric thin belt.  Click here for more views and sizing.

1960’s pink, white, yellow print dress

A big part of keeping cool in the summer is to wear light colors so as not to absorb the heat.  We all know that.  But many people love these “ice cream pastels”, more vivid than timid Easter colors, in the warm months of the year.  After about 1967, it became very popular to wear these colors, but really:  Does pink ever go out of style, if you’re a person who loves pink?  In every decade, you see them mixing pink with at least one color and the combination, in our opinion, is almost always beautiful.  And so it is with this dress.   Look at it!  If you like pink and yellow, this may be right up your alley.  Not one but two shades of pink next to a goldish yellow, adding lots of visual interest to a very simple and classic cut of dress.  Click here for more views and sizing information.

1960’s men’s wingtip Florsheim shoes

If you like the wing tip accent on your shoes but don’t like the extra flash of the black and white or brown and white variety, we present these reddish-brown leather wingtips with brass buckle accent to the top and side.    They’re made by Florsheim, still one of the most well-known shoemakers in the country, and their style would indicate they’re from the later part of the 1960’s.  It’s likely these shoes date back as far as the moon landing, Woodstock, and who knows what else?  Click here for more views and sizing information.


1960’s hand-sewn brown lattice and flower skirt

This understated print cotton skirt has an even but eye-catching pattern of lattices and small white flowers.  The waistband is neither wide nor narrow, measuring about one inch, and the skirt flows out and down gracefully from the waist in pleats.  Great for spring, summer, or even fall, before the cold weather sets in!  Click here for more views and sizing information.

Rare hot pink men’s quilted Japanese cartoon vest

Everybody has a different name for this vivid shade of pink.  I call it “hot pink”.  Schiaparelli had a similar color called “shocking pink”.  The important thing is, we have here a very brilliant pink quilted cotton-like vest with the word “Syobenkozo” on it, edged and lined in a fun fur.  Not only the brilliant color, but the print stands out.  You can see mischievous boys doing mischievous things with lower-case sentences reflecting on the mischievous nature of children and boys.  Some of these sentences are pretty clear, while some are a bit more cryptic:  The children played a trick on the oldman.  It’s left to your imagination to decide if that included ringing the doorbell and running, egging the house, hiding something valuable, or whatever pranks were popular in the 80’s in Japan.  Although the vest seems to be cut for men, due to the size and color, it could easily double as a women’s garment, but we here are Monster Vintage think it’s always a nice shot in the arm to see a man’s garment in such a lively color.  There are many more views of this great vest.  Click here to see them and for sizing information!




1960’s Mika box purse with Victorian scene

I’ve seen box purses , but this is a really interesting take on such a mid-century style of purse.   We have here a Victorian  scene with a lot of information.  It looks like Father is sitting in front of a scenic backdrop to have his photograph made while Mother and Daughter look on from the doorway.  Mother is looking pretty and friendly in her hat, and Daughter looking around as she takes a break from playing with her metal hoop.  The photographer’s studio walls are adorned with pictures of other people who have had their picture taken and then, if you look to his right, you see what looks like one of those silhouette pictures of the photographer plying his trade.  The whole thing is fastened with a silver-tone twist clasp.    To see the green velvety lining and mirror inside, as well as other views of this unique piece, please click here.

1984 Reno Corvettes gray mesh hat

Are you a fan of classic cars?  Then Reno, Nevada is most likely on your radar as the city where the Hot August Nights show is every year.  But car enthusiasts don’t stop there!  This hat commemorates the 1984 ninth V & T event, in Reno, specifically for Corvettes.   A great item for Corvette lovers and any collector of automotive memorabilia!  Click here for more information.