Circle Skirt Circumstances

The end of World War II wasn’t just the beginning of an era.  It was the end of an era too.  The end of Fascist Germany.  The end of an imperialist Japan.  The end of many long distance romances. And the end of rationing. 

During the war supplies were limited and everything was rationed.  Foods like butter and grain was not exactly scarce, but they weren’t quiet as readily available as today.  And raw materials were strictly regulated.  Things like metal to make buttons and fabric to make clothes.  The fabric restrictions couldn’t help but impact the fashions of the time and things like the pencil skirt and cropped jackets weren’t just the style, they were the result of limited materials.  When the war ended, women everywhere were rejoicing and celebrating with longer lengths, exaggerated extravagant fullness, and with their handsome soldiers back from across the world. And voila: the circle skirt, among other things, was born.  Boom, baby, boom.

Vintage Embellished Circle Skirt


The skirts first became popular when America’s beautiful and famous women were travelling in search of a “the Quickie Divorce.”  In the 50’s many of them went to Mexico to lose one lousy husband and gained some fantastic Mexican “tourist” skirts.  When they returned to the U.S. women everywhere were tantalized by the gorgeous hand-painted and sequined adorned skirts, only adding to the mystique and style of the1950’s divorced woman. Marilyn Monroe is probably the most noteworthy of these women.  Mother’s everywhere were asking their daughters; If  Marilyn Monroe jumped off a cliff wearing a circle skirt, would you?  History has reveeled, the answer was yes.

1950’s Bull Fighter Cotton Swing


The first time the skirt was designed and sold in the U.S., was by an opera singer named Julie Lynne Charlot.  Apparently, opera singers were about as popular back then as they are now, because Julie was struggling to afford a Christmas dress one holiday season.  Her mother, decided to design her a full and flouncy adorned circle skirt out of inexpensive felt, and soon she was selling them out of her own personal boutique in Beverly Hills.  The skirt exploded from there and some designs were hand-painted and unique, like their Mexican counterparts.  Others were worn with petticoats to accentuate the dramatic ration of hips to waist.  And others still evolved to be plastered with poodles, worn with saddle shoes and socks and twirled into the hearts and souls of America’s rock and roll’n youth.

Rare 1950’s Janzten Circle Skirt


Unfortunately, as America’s youth rebelled, the circle skirt slowly faded out as the min skirt became all the rage.  The circle skirt is still a classic shape and silhouette that has transcended time and trends.  Today pair it with anything from a rock tee, to a bustier, to a denim blouse and bolo tie. Do Marilyn proud, because not only is a circle skirt classic it’s also timelessly sexy.  And who knows, your future ex-husband could be just around the corner. 

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