Good Sport

Anybody with style, stands out because of their own personal touches.  To create a unique style you draw from your hobbies, your experiences, your personality, and your life in general.  So what has been happening recently in the world in general and in millions of lives in particular? Soccer. Soccer. And more Soccer.  The Women’s World Cup has consumed the time of millions around the globe as of late, and there’s no better way to show your soccer savvy with some slick vintage sports wear.

Vintage US Soccer Federation Shirt, Monster Vintage

 1970’s Adidas Soccer Shirt, Monster Vintage 


70’s Mickey Mouse Soccer Shirt, Monster Vintage

The US Women’s team had not been in a World Cup Final since they beat China in shootouts 12 long years ago.  The chaos following the US victory that summer was a first for women’s sports.  The year was 1999, and the entire US proceeded to party as such.  Anyone who remembers that glorious match, would love to display their American pride in something a little more patriotic.

Original Spirit of 76 Jersey, Monster Vintage

Retro Americana Striped Suspenders, Monster Vintage

70’s Cherry Knit Doe-lon Varsity Jacket, Monster Vintage

Yesterday afternoon, millions of American hearts broke however, when Japan triumphed in a gut wrenching World Cup Final game. It is surprisingly difficult, however, to remain angry at a team nicknamed the “Nadeshiko,” which translates to beautiful flower.  We could not have lost to a more deserving opponent.  Well played Japan. Well played.

Vintage Pink Cheongsam Dress, Monster Vintage

1950’s Japanese Embroidered Silk Jacket, Monster Vintage

1960’s Emerald Japanese Robe, Monster Vintage