Vintage Cardigans Resurface

The general popularity of menswear cardigans continue to keep them resurfacing on the runways. The latest batch has been blogged about everywhere but I feel a responsibility to include it because of their absolute vintage feel. Even as we begin to tiptoe out of Winter, the chill in the air is strong enough to warrant a cozy knit cardigan, even if it’s only covering a white tee.

Knitwear as a whole it seems, has found a second life in modern fashion. Mills are being refurbished, reconstructed and rerun by other companies eager to put their stamp on the industry. Individual hand-knitting by designers appears strong as well so just because that vintage pullover you found doesn’t have a cool tag, don’t be so quick to dismiss its authenticity.

For diminishing vintage musty smell, try soaking the knit in a bucket of hot water with just a few drops of soap and air-drying. Or spraying with lightly-soaped water and then drying with a few fragrant dryer sheets thrown in – but make sure you’re on an air-drying or delicate setting! Otherwise you may have to pass your knit onto your little sibling.