The Vintage Ten Gallon Fedora

Well, that’s not exactly a grammatically correct hat title but it rolled off the tongue nicely. I’ve just been spying too many cuties not to comment on the fabulous big hat trend we’re seeing everywhere currently. I feel like these hats will drip into Spring – they go with almost any outfit terrifically and can be accessorized in so many ways; feathers, jewels, stones, fringe, leather, fur, trinkets.

Wide-brimmed fedoras in neutral colors conjure a stud-like Indiana Jones feel, cavaliers adorned with brightly tinted plumage sing fancy splendor and the classic Americana ten gallon Western hats are just so John Wayne dusty and fantastic.

Below are images pilfered from and are followed by selections from the warehouse.

Electric Fix

Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!!! OMG, YAY. This is pulsing through my head as I browse the budding spring collections for 2011. Vogue’s January pages are ¬†bursting with electric textures and florescent features…oh, neon. Neon! Beautiful, energetic neon is getting a touch of sophistication in shiny, lacy business suits, loud leather shift dresses and digital dancing duds. It’s the latest upgrade¬†of the color blocking the 80’s did so well. Check out what they’ve got, check out what we’ve got, and then plug and play. FRICKIN’ YAY!

And now Monster Vintage presents…

The Art of Italian Tailoring

The fabulous crew over at Kid Dandy are currently in the process of finalizing the editing on their new documentary titled, “O’Mast”. From the trailor, this looks to be a most romantic, luxurious and highly polished insider view of the art of Italian Neapolitan menswear tailoring.

Some of the men inside the design houses talk about beginning work at a very young age, to learn the precise methodology to couture tailoring, from choosing the perfect weight textiles to time consuming hand stitches. The end result has been perfectly constructed made-to-measure men’s suits for many generations of chic Italians.

In my limited knowledge of tailored menswear, creating a fitted suit from scratch is an incredibly time-consuming endeavor. There are numerous layers of interlining, interfacing, padded hand stitches and fittings. The art of it all is so inspiring and intriguing.

Highly anticipating the final cut.

Here are a few googled images of finely dressed men from around the world, followed by some of the more couture suits currently on our website.