Vintage Bells & Whistles for NYE

Sparkle, sheer, satin, more sparkle. New Year’s Eve is the one night a year to really, I mean really, do it up. Hair, nails, jewelry and clothing! I’m so excited about getting dolled up this year that I’m finding myself overwhelmed with the possibilities. Floor length gown? Short short frilly skirt and blouse? Lace? Charmeuse? Satin? Silk? A fur coat to keep warm? Black? White? Cream? Pink?

I may raid the closet here at the warehouse and pretend I’m Brigitte Bardot or Rita Hayworth…

Below are my NYE dream list of dresses from our catalog and a smattering of images from the internets.

Vintage Faux Fur On Real People

I was still obsessing over fur garments for Winter from the last post so I started collecting rad images of rad people who are as into the style as the runways. I love the widespread scale between Chanel’s over the top representation of faux fur garments and the way real folks are interpreting the trend for everyday life. The images are from The Sartorialist, and various fashion blogs.

A Vintage (Faux) Fur Winter

I’ve been scouring all my favorite go-to blogs for great Winter style inspiration. Something out of the ordinary or perhaps tried and true style but with a twist. Seeing men’s trench coats layered on women has been fun, lots of uncoordinated layers that include multiple fabrics, colors, leathers and fur.

Fur, especially faux fur has been everywhere. It’s so fantastic to see how technology every year gives us more and better faux choices, from the very real to the outrageous (I saw bright pink fur at a fabric recently that was dotted with an all-over heart print with, “I LOVE YOU”, inside each heart’s center).

Fur vests, with and without sleeves, hand bags and clutches, stoles and wraps. My favorite has been the addition of tufts of fur on shoulders as epaulets or placed in unusual places in garments. You can take a vintage fur that’s falling apart and use the fur patches to experiment with a piece in your wardrobe that needs a new personality. Rubber cement and lining the skin with muslin or another lightweight fabric will help secure the fur and ensure its construction well past the melting snow.

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld gave us more faux fur representations that we could handle at his over-the-top Fall 2010 show (where he imported glaciers for the models to traverse through). While these looks may be a bit overwhelming for us non-model citizens, I thought it was a fun way to use faux fur. After Chanel’s images, some of our own coveted faux choices from the website.

More Mustard, Please

Every now and then I become entranced by a color and I start seeing it everywhere. Lately my obsession appears in the form of a golden ray of sunlight that transcends the darkness of these long winter days. It can be none other than…drumroll please…delicious and wholesome mustard yellow! Voila! Don’t you just feel a little warmer thinking about it? I do…

What I love about this color is that it’s so versatile and charismatic, especially with this year’s fall and winter collections. It can debut as a modest accessory that brightens up an otherwise dreary palate. It can melt away the animosity between oft-warring colors like black and brown. Or it can take the spotlight by storm in the form of an unabashedly cheerful overcoat or wiggle dress. It can look infinitely classy or infinitely cheesy, you choose. And as anyone with an eye on this last century’s fashion tides can see, each decade has had its own interpretation of this magical color. What’s yours?

Vintage Love From The Internets

Once in a while, nice and lovely folks clue us in to the fact that we’ve been shown love on their websites. The latest two, from Origin Ideas and DJ Excel, made us so smiley.

Origin Ideas is a fun site and according to their “about” page,

Origin Ideas is a collection of visual inspiration and showcase of only selected quality design and inspiration imagery in website, illustration, icons, photos and articles.

Here’s the featured editorial, which was shot by the talented Miss Rika Huang and showcases some original and re-purposed vintage pieces from our warehouse. Styled by yours truly. So much fun.

The second posting was by the one and only world, world famous man of the ones and twos, DJ Excel. Hailing from Philadelphia, DJ Excel has traveled the globe, playing parties and red carpet events for the likes of celebrities and common folk alike. While in Portland for Massive, he spent a solid few hours in our warehouse, digging with the finesse of a true vintage admirer. He let his finds be known on his website and we couldn’t be giddier for it.

Vintage Lace Looks Lovely

It does. It does look lovely. All the time. Any time. Since it crept into apparel hundreds and hundreds of years ago, hot off homemade looms in barns and cellars and precious family-owned lace-making businesses, we have not been able to take our hands off the stuff. These days, it seems to be making quite the huge comeback and we’re seeing it everywhere; runways, alleyways, intersections, sidewalks, red carpet events, and sourced in its true vintage form. Lace is gorgeous, a joy to design with due to its transparency and always romantic. I could go on but I won’t. You get the drift.

Head out and look for you perfect lace piece, be it a skirt to pair with a vintage top, a vintage dress to layer with gobs of contrast patterned old man cardigans and thick wooly tights or a fitted blouse with knickers and a vintage pea coat to sashay down the wet sidewalks in.

Below are some googled images and a few of our lacey website gems. I’m having a black and white themed love affair. That combo or monochromed goodness, like head-to-toe turquoise. Yum…

Luisa-Beccaria Vintage Lace Top

Valentino Ebony Lace

Romantic Ralph Lauren Floor Length Sheath

Spicy Vivid Verrier Turquoise Lace Mini