Dolce & Gabbana 2010 Ad Campaign

With every issue of W Magazine that gets dropped off on my stoop, I’ve been ripping out these ads and scotch taping them voraciously to the blank wall above my ironing board. They are the one of the very best ad campaigns I’ve ever seen from a major fashion house. The collaboration with Madge, the other casted models, clothing and set designs are brilliant. The crisp black and white color scheme adds to the sheen tenfold.

Shot in Italy, the photos do an amazing job conveying days in the life of one wealthy and gorgeous Italian-American Madonna. Shopping for potatoes and onions, getting fitted for a made-to-measure blazer, dining with the family, dancing off the glasses of red wine, playing with baby. They each drip with sentimental emotion – I’m not Italian-American but I have clear memories of walking to the corner store with my Czechoslovakian grandmother to purchase raw potatoes and onions for that evening’s meal, of seeing her mend clothing with adept nimbleness, of watching my parents dance to scratchy records in our living room, of playing with my baby brother in grandma’s Los Angeles house, among fig and palm trees and the smell of clean linens.

The Dolce & Gabbana portion of the ads are, simply, exquisite. Perfect tailoring, perfect shades of black silk and white lace, perfect cleavage. Below are images posted with credited rights to D&G, followed by a few select pieces from our warehouse that I think emulate what it is to be a definitive glamorous woman, of any mixed country descent.