Modern Pendleton Round-Up

Pendleton wool garments have been keeping urban cowboys warm for the last hundred years. Made using 100% virgin wool and spun right here in Oregon, their checkered plaid button-ups have become an essential closet item for anyone living in a seasonal climate. And since Fall is upon us, we have already begun filling orders for fantastic vintage Pendleton products from all over the world. Turns out that lots of young’uns, from Japan’s trendy Harajuku neighborhood to cool kids in Australia and all over Europe, are in love with Pendleton too. It’s one giant lumberjack plaid tree house out there.

Pendleton’s standard fare of oxfords and blankets were doing just fine, but earlier this year, the company decided to reach out to the young consumer market even more. They collaborated with Opening Ceremony and created a line of very modern but simple garments, that incorporated the easily identifiable American plaids and Native American prints. Below are some images from their Spring 2010 look book.

We currently have lots of great Pendleton for sale. If you already own a shirt, look into some of their rarer vintage pieces, like full zipper work jackets, pants and blankets. Stay warm in wool this Winter!

Bell Bottoms! They’re back. And bella as ever.

Who knew the U.S. Navy was so stylish? It has been recorded that as far back as the early nineteenth century, the Navy began producing wide legged trousers, ones that flared considerably past the knee. This was helpful in a variety of ways as it allowed the men to pull their pants over big, heavy deck boots and were easier to roll up wet or dry. The nickname for the pants, being bell bottomed, stuck and here we are today, finding new modern fabric and shapes but keeping that flared shape intact.

In the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s, younger generations were picking the Naval bells up at military surplus stores and adding their own flavor which included patches and cutting the pants to be even more belled by inserting extra triangle panels of denim, corduroy, etc.

The modern wide legged trouser silhouette for women these days are a bit more sleek, often made out of light wool or cotton linen blends. They may have cuffed hems and traditional banded waists with zipper or button flies. Bells do wonders for highlighting the length and slimness of the leg and are classy enough to wear to the boardroom.

Below is a 1970’s image of Miss Bridget Bardot in her jean bell bottoms, looking as foxy as ever. I’ve also collected some “now” images of bell bottoms followed by classic vintage pairs for sale on our site. Enjoy!

Loving on Levi Strauss and his 501’s

It has been a whirlwind of blue denim and button flies around the warehouse this past week. We’ve been selling Levi 501’s like hotcakes and it reminded me that these puppies have been around and consistently popular for a loooooooong time. Since about 1875, to be exact. Mens work pants (called waist overalls) made out of denim had been around before Mr. Levi Strauss started selling them out of his goods store but it wasn’t until his buddy Jacob Davis convinced Strauss to patent the metal rivets that things really started to get interesting. With the addition of the rivets, the pants became stronger, more durable and garnered the cool factor. One hundred and thirty five years later, celebrities and the guys next door still adore their Levis. 501’s, with their button fly and boot leg cut, remain at the top of the popularity list. And there’s something about the vintage pairs that are just so, so, well, amazing. As a customer who called in told me, in her thick New Jersey accent, “They make my ass look incredible.”. I mailed her four pairs.

Levi jeans are fantastic and very morph-like depending on what else you have in your closet to wear with them. Rolling up the hems and adding heels or ankle boots and almost any style top looks stylish and modern for women. For men, the hem-rolling seems to be consistently cool across both genders, paired with loafers and a button-up or tee shirt. Denim character marks like rips, tears and fraying adds even more flair and individuality. These “imperfections” are so sought after that a few Japanese boutiques have popped up who, for a price, will custom damage your denim. Brilliant.

I dug up some fantastic Levi images, including one of several pairs, sitting in dirt, that were recently discovered to be over a century old. Rumor has it they are going (went?) for sale on Ebay for wildly impressive price tags – into the tens of thousands. Check our website under the “Mens Denim” section to peruse all we have to offer!

Stylist Love: Anastasia Barbieri

As promised a few weeks back, I wanted to showcase the ridiculously talented people who are behind Monster Vintage’s spread in French Vogue’s Hommes September issue. Anastasia Barbieri made that impossible for normal civilians transition from high fashion model in front of the lens to famous higher fashion stylist behind the lens. She has swathed the beautiful people from many of Vogue’s conquered countries but most noteably, is the driving dressing force at French Vogue where she plays wardrobe maven with men’s and women’s editorial features as well as the occasional freelance ad project.

Below is a smattering of her portfolio, just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to seeing what she did with the vintage threads we loaned her…