Collared Collars.

Miu Miu has up and done it. They have successfully reinvigorated the collar. A true piece of the 70’s oft overlooked and under appreciated. They have printed up kitties (who remind me of the Siamese twin felines in Lady & The Tramp) on razor sharp collars and poof – instant fame!

I have accumulated a sincere admiration for collars. They are adorable, come in all shapes and sizes and add that extra oompf to any blouse. There’s the peter pan, bertha, oxford, shawl, pilgrim, puritan, buster brown, sailor, clerical, roll back, wing chelsea, chanel, cloverleaf and trench. And then of course there’s the billion variations thereof. Yum.

Help bring back the collar! Below are some of Miu Miu’s genius. Followed by a couple of our own vintage collared items.

Men wear short shorts.

It’s gray, rainy and very dreary in Portland today so I was doing mental sunshine exercises while walking to work. Yesterday I picked up a few yards of lightweight seersucker material to make a blouse with and was reminded of last summer when I told my friend I would make him yellow and white seersucker shorts to replace his favorite pair that saw its demise at the hands of a careless laundry-doing roommate. Since (fingers crossed) we are about to hit sunny days, it’s time I make good on my shorts promise. It also got me thinking about men and sun and shorts.

Heath clothing had a great twist recently on trouser style shorts by pairing them with blazers for a more sophisticated approach. And following their runway shots are a few things we have in stock right now. Snatch up a pair and then promptly start freezing juice popsicles in preparation.

Vintage Photos

The photo below was taken from the wonderful Sartorialist’s site. I think it’s such a brilliant idea; peoples from all over scan in their vintage photos, with a little blurb describing as much information as is known about the photo. I thought this particular one was extra cute. Both women’s outfits (cotton bikini top, slacks, saddle shoes and house dress) and the man in his military fit (complete with officer’s cap), their relaxed pose and the 1940’s “Eat More” sign is fantastic.

The sassy woman in the saddle shoes is my grandma Lois. This photograph was probably taken in the 40’s in Yakima Washington. Lois always spoke her mind and was sharp as a whip.

Ponchos & Plaid

Another visual installment courtesy of Fashionisto. Ponchos and plaid. So trendy but so good. Lucky for you vintage-loving mens (and womens), we have some choice items in stock right now so that you too, can successfully stage a solo photo-shoot complete with a denigrated neighborhood setting, rocks, graffiti and train tracks!