The Final Frontier…

Today I found some groovy Star Trek stuff available at Monster Vintage. Star Trek is a phenomenon that spans generations and both kids and adults can have fun hunting for Star Trek collectibles from any number of spin-offs, movies, and the expanded universe. But these collectibles are not limited to toys, knicknacks, and objets d’art. There are also clothing collectibles out there for the fan of Gene Roddenberry’s world. Here are a few examples of the sort of Star Trek items that can be found at Monster Vintage.

1970s Rare Star Trek Original Series Tank Top

This righteous seventies orange tank top from the original series is undeniably awesome. It features Shatner and Nimoy as well as other cast members and the Enterprise in the background. Rare and highly collectible, this tee comes in at $249.99. More pics here…

1993 Star Trek The Next Generation Towel Set

A more affordable option might be this kick-ass bath towel set for $29.99. This set dates from 1993 and features the Next Generation logo, as well as the Enterprise, swirling planets, stars, and shuttle crafts. It even has a matching washcloth! Click here for more pics…

 Star Trek Costume Space Shirt

And finally, for your next costume party or convention, you might be interested in this Star Trek space suit top. Whether or not you want to fill it out with a muscle suit underneath, Wil Wheaton-style, is entirely up to you. Click here for more pics!

So boldly go, and have fun browsing around Monster Vintage for these and other awesome collectible clothes.

Cheers! 🙂