Vintage Concert T-Shirt a Go-Go

I’m wild about old concert t-shirts. My first stop at every thrift store is always the men’s t-shirt rack, and I will browse through every single one until my arms are fatigued, buying up pretty much any concert tour or wrestling t-shirt I come across. Half of them become gifts to my boyfriend or daughter. Valuable ones get collected into a special, “someday I’ll do something awesome with these” box, and the rest get refashioned into something else… a dress, a back-patch, a wall-hanging, whatever! Collecting t-shirts is such a fun and inexpensive hobby, and if you’re crafty, you can recycle even the most worn out, ugly ones into something groovy.

Lucky for me (and my fatigued arms), Monster Vintage makes it easy to browse from the comfort of my laptop. Here are a few groovy finds from the Vintage Concert Tee category, perfect for pretending you were there:

From the first of many reunion tours– KISS Alive! From the 1996/1997 KISS Alive World Tour. This awesome KISS shirt is only $19.99 and is perfect for rocking and rolling all night, and… yes, you guessed it… partying every day. For the uninitiated, KISS concert tour shirts are highly collectible and often appreciate in value, so you might not want to cut them up into tank tops just yet…

Who doesn’t love Dolly? From her 1985 tour, this hard-to-find t-shirt is for serious collectors of Dolly merch, coming in at $149.00. The price is higher due to its rarity and unusually excellent condition.

Finally, we have an example of a long-sleeve concert t-shirt from the 80s. This one is from Loverboy’s 1984 American tour. Somewhere out there is a die hard Loverboy fan who would give his right arm for this t-shirt… although then the right sleeve would just hang there limply and that would be weird, but nevertheless the price is right at $69.99 for a collectible 80s concert tee. Appreciate my restraint from making a Def Leppard joke just then.

So have some fun and poke around Monster Vintage’s collection of righteous retro concert t-shirts!

Cheers! Joni